Monday, October 4, 2010

Numbers ( Part 1 )

Hello! Because Halloween is near on this Month, I decided to create a Story for you... this Story will be posted in Parts through the Days pass until we reach October 30. This Story has been made by ME, so DON´T COPY! If you do you without permission you will be catch. Well, let´s begin:


I never thought that a Pair of numbers could mean so much. I had so much to live, so much to give, and so much to learn. But now, I am trapped in a big problem, that affects me, and will soon affect all the World. All began on a normal day at School. I was working on my Notebook during my Spanish class, copying some verbs and prepositional phrases. When I turned page, I saw a Number on the Page´s right corner. There was written: 18 - 09 - 10 I was surprised. Who wrote that on my Notebook, if all the Day it was keeped in my Locker? I decided to not pay attention to that numbers, and I decided to erase them. But when I tried to erase, the numbers that where written with Pencil didn´t erased! I began feeling a strange sensation, so I closed my Notebook just in time the Bell rang.
                                                                                                                     Made by Je45rry

Well, that´s the First Part of my Story. What do you think about it? Send a comment with your opinion! I will post the Second Part soon! See you later!

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