Saturday, October 9, 2010

Numbers ( Part 5 )

- They are everywhere... - I said, frightened. When I got better of my panic, I decided to stand up. I began to walk trying to not see the Camera, until I arrived to my house. I was very surprised of the event that just happened 20 min. ago. I couldn´t understand anything. ¿What where those persons?, ¿How are they invisible? I decided to rest a little to refresh my mind.

I don´t know how much time I slept. When I waked up, I saw my Clock, and it was 8:23 P.M. I went to the Kitchen to eat something, when suddenly I heard a voice.
- Jerry - I heard. I thought it was just my imagination, when I heard it again.
- Jerry, come with us - I heard. I began to get frightened, so I left the Kitchen as soon as I could. 
But then, I saw a shadow. A big, dark shadow on the Wall.
- Jerry, come with us - I heard again, but this time it seemed to come from the Shadow.
- Who are you? - I said, shaking - What do you want? - 
On the shadow, a big red mouth seemed to appear. A really smiling red mouth.
- Maybe, - the shadow said - you mean what do WE want - he said, laughing.

                                                                                                                                                       Made by Je45rry
( Part 6 coming soon )

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