Thursday, October 14, 2010

Newspaper #261!

Hello Penguins! Today Club Penguin has released the Club Penguin Times #261. In this Edition, Club Penguin talks with us about many things of the Halloween Party, like the New Furniture Catalog, the Halloween Igloo Contest, the Storm, etc.! Also, Gary talks with us about many relevant things, like the Storm of this Year´s Halloween Party. He says that this Storm will be different as the last one, it will stay longer than expected! What do you think it means? Well, these are the Events:

October 15 -17: Halloween Igloo Contest
October 15: New Better Igloos
October 24: Club Penguin´s 5th Anniversary Party
October 29: Halloween Party

Also, I have created a New Halloween Banner. If you want to add it to the Sidebar of your Blog, click here! Then click to get the HTML of it. Thanks and see you later!

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