Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fun with Friends: Flatmat

Hello Penguins! Today I met a new friend: Flatmat! Maybe you have already seen him in Saraapril´s Blog! I have just met him in Server Summit. First I met him at the Town.

Then, I went to his Awesome Spooky Igloo. I will only show you a part of it ;) It is full of "Slime" ( as I name it ), Spooky Trees, Tumbs, and Scary Houses ( also the music contributes! )

Then we went to play Sled Racing! NOTE: On the game is a Bug: There are TWO stars! Hope that Club Penguin fixes it soon, it is a little confusing... Then, we went to the Dojo to play  Card - Jitsu. On the Image there´s Flatmat giving refreshing my face... LOL :D

Then we returned to his Igloo to play there... But then I had to go. If you want to see Flatmat´s Blog just click here! Thanks and see you later, Flatmat!


  1. thanks for puting a link back to my blog your AWESOME!:):):)

  2. Hey Je45rry can you visit my site? I am a good friend with chuckyb?

  3. hey je45rry can you send me give me the code thingy for your halloween banner just comment on my blog and give it to me and i will add it to my blogrool if i do that will you add my site to your blogroll?:)

  4. oh and ive added your other banner to my site:):):)