Saturday, October 23, 2010

Costume Contest Winner!

Hello! If you remember, I made a Costume Contest at the begginings of this Month. But only one sent me his submission for the Contest, so it is the Winner. That penguin is: JASFRIEND1! Congratulations, Jas! Very good Pirate Costume, don´t you think? Now, Jasfriend1, you will get this Prizes:

1.- Your Penguin will appear here on the Blog!
2.- I will put a link to your Blog in the Winner Post! ( If you have one )
3.- I will add you to my Blogroll
4.- Your Banner will appear forever at the Banner´s Page! ( If you have one )
5.- You will receive a Special Certificate to your Penguin E-mail! (Optional )

Well, Prizes 1, 3, and 4 are already done.( lol ) Jasfriend1 has an awesome blog too, so if you want to go there, just click here: Now, Jasfriend1, soon you will receive to your Penguin e-mail ( the one that you used to send me your Image ) a Special Certificate! Thanks and see you later!