Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Club Penguin 5th Anniversary!

Hello Penguins! Guess what? Club Penguin has released the their 5th Anniversary Party today!!! Yes! Now, if you are in the Town, the Coffee Shop is in a Cake form. But, where is the Storm? Last Year, on the Anniversary Party day, the Storm was already visible in the Town... Well, let´s get in!

Wow! There are many decorations! ( I am sure that you will think that there´s no one in the Room when you get in ;) ) And there´s the Cake! It is very big! Now, where is the Party Hat? On the Gift Box! Click it and many Party hats will appear! Now, walk to them and take one! And the Colors of this Year are: Red, Green, Yellow and Orange! ( NOTE: If you trow a Snowball, it turns of one of those Colors! ) Now, you can earn a Stamp in this Party: Celebration! To get this Stamp you have to Blow out the Candles on the Anniversary Cake. To do this, click the Candles and you will walk to them. Then, conffeti will blow up and you will get the Stamp!

 Now, let´s go upstairs to see the New Yearbook! In this Yearbook 2009 - 2010 we can see all the Memories of this Year. In the Wall you can see 5th´s Annversary Fan Art. Happy Club Penguin´s 5th Anniversary to all! :D

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