Friday, October 29, 2010

Numbers ( Part 13 )

- Take us to the Airport -
- Sure - the Taxi driver said
We spent almost like an hour to arrive to the Airport. Then, I reacted and I asked Jasper:
- Jasper! We don´t have money to pay the tickets! How are we going to pass? -
- Calm, I know what to do. I always carry in my pocket some money for an emergency -
Then he showed me a big amount of money.
- All that is only for an emergency?!? - I asked surprised
Once we payed our ticket, we went to sit a moment on a chair that was near there.
- On what hour is our flight? - Jasper asked
- In 30 minutes -
- What time is it? -
- 7:30 A.M. -
We where waiting like 20 minutes when we finally decided to go to the Plane. When we where there, we took a sit and waited until the Plane launched. It passed like 40 minutes when we where above the Atlantic Ocean. Then, something strange happened.
 Something hit the Plane. It leaned to the right. All the passenger that where in the left side of the plane felled to the floor.
- What was... -
Jasper couldn´t finished his sentence. Something pushed him to the window making it crack.
- Jasper! - I screamed
Suddenly, something pushed me to the floor.
- What happens!?!?  - I asked, feared
There I remembered what happened at the Park a day ago. I took my Camera, and I turned it on.
What I saw was horrible.
                                                                                  Made by Je45rry
( Part 14 coming soon )

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