Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt 2012!

 Hello everyone! I am really sorry I didn't post anything during these last 3 weeks! I am really sorry, but I couldn't be able to post anything. I am sorry that I didn't posted anything about the Puffle Party, neither the April Fools Party! I was planning to do so, but time ran out and I couldn't do anything. And for the ones that thought I finally quit Club Penguin, guess what? I didn't! And I am not planning to do so. And today, I am here to inform you about the most recent Club Penguin event: The Easter Egg Hunt! For those people that didn't knew, this party is named "Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt" The name of the Candy Hunt during Halloween Parties was similar: "Candy Scavenger Hunt" In each Scavenger hunt, there are special prizes once you complete them, some times the prizes are backgrounds, other times they are items we can wear. Well, if you don't know how to play this Hunt, here are the instructions: First, you click on the egg that is located at the up - right side of the screen. There you will see some Egg style silhouettes ( 8 to be exactly ) and a note. The note contains a riddle that will give you a hint where to find the first egg in the Island. There is a special note for each egg, and you can see the notes by clicking the egg silhouettes. In this post I will explain you step by step how to complete this Easter Egg Hunt. Let's start with the first riddle:

Egg #1
The first egg hid near shining gold
Somewhere deep and dark and cold.
As you can see, the riddle also rimes. In order to discover where is the egg, you have to pay special attention to the words. The riddle says "near shining gold" This means that the first egg is in a place that contains gold. Then it says "somewhere deep and dark and cold" This tell us that the first egg is underground! So, what place underground can we find gold? The pool? The Boiler Room? The mine? Wait! Many of you ( including me ) thought that the egg was located at the Mine. But it isn't. Instead, it is located near the mine. So the first egg is at the Hidden Lake! The egg is put near the entrance. Once you click on it, the same "Easter Egg Hunt" window will appear, but this time with the Egg now showing. Then, another note ( with a different riddle ) will appear to led you to your next Easter Egg.

Egg #2
The next egg's found near works of art
Plus lots of books to make you smart!
If you noticed, it says "near works of art" and "lots of books" So, this egg is located in a place where are books and artworks. So, what place can it be? Easy! It is the book room! In there you can find a wall with "Club Penguin's Fan Art" pictures and some books you can read or play with. If you didn't knew, this wall ( fan artwork ) is updated with the most recent artworks Club Penguin fans send. This riddle was quite easy, don't you think? Plus the room name has the word "book" on it! The egg is placed near the lamp and a plant. Click on it ( it has a wave picture on it ) and the same window will appear. Now it will show this egg, and a new riddle will appear.
Egg #3
This next egg's near a snowy shore
It's hidden well. You must explore.
A snowy shore? Well, there are 3 shores in the Island: the Cove, the Beach, and the Dock. So it could be any of these 3 places. Then it says "it's hidden well, you must explore" Well, this riddle is kinda difficult, because it doesn't gives many hints of where to search, which is confusing. The correct place is the Beach, if you didn't knew. And I have to admit it, the egg is hidden very well, as the riddle says. It is placed near the passage to the dock, by some trees ( the egg is yellow ) Once you find it, the same window will appear. Now you have collected 3 easter eggs! The next riddle will show up. 

 Egg #4
Now head towards a wooden shack
You're doing well, you're right on track!
A wooden shack? That's really easy, don't you think? It's the ski hill! ( LOL, just kidding ) The correct place is the Mine Shack entrance ( the room where the Recycle Plant is also located ) The egg is located at the top of the Watering machine, where the snowballs are thrown. Click it ( it's quite easy to see, it's purple ) and the same window will appear. Now you have collected 4 easter eggs! You are doing very well! As you can see, each easter egg has its own decoration, as in real life. For example, this egg you just found has chinese letters in it. And the egg you found before this one has a mine - cart! The next riddle will show up now that you have found the 4th egg.

 Egg #5
Search now near a tall white chair,
for watching waves. The egg is there.
A tall white chair? For watching waves? That sounds really familiar... it's the Cove! In there is located a white chair with some binoculars where you can see the waves in Club Penguin. Also, near it is the "Catchin' Waves" game, that rimes with the riddle's part "watching waves" That's really interesting, don't you think? Now, once you are in the Cove, see near the "Catchin' Waves" game room. The egg ( which has a present - gift picture on it ) is just above it. When you click it, the same window will appear, showing you that you already collected 5 eggs. Now 3 eggs are remaining! Let's see the next riddle in order to find the next easter egg. Well done!

 Egg #6
The next one's sure to make you smile
Just like you, this egg's got style.
There is a word that says it all: style.What is the place where we go to get new clothe styles? The Gift Shop! Yeah! Because there is located the "Penguin Style" Catalog ( which, by the way, is now updated! ) If you go to the Gift Shop, I'm pretty sure you will see the egg quite fast. It's located at the 3rd hair - mannequin above the seats! Yeah, that's quite funny, specially because the egg has a fish ( Fluffy the fish, to be exactly ) on it. Click it, and the same window will show up. Now you only have 2 eggs left! But before you go and search them, why don't you check the new Penguin Style Catalog? It is now updated ( as I already told you some seconds ago ) The new catalog has new clothes and new backgrounds. Well, let's continue our easter egg hunt!

 Egg #7
The next egg's near a chair that lifts
You're getting close, you must be swift!
A chair that lifts? Unless it's a magical chair, it should be the one that is located at the Ski Village! Yeah, it is! This type of chairs are used in real life, in case you didn't knew. They are located at the mountains, and people use them to travel to a high point on it, and then get down by skiing! It sounds fun, right? Though I would have fear to the altitude... Well, once you are in the Ski Village, you will recognize the egg very fast. It is just above a wheel ( that makes the chair move ) and it has a snowflake on it. Click it to receive and the same window will appear, as always. Now that only 1 egg remains, it will show you your final riddle! We are almost done! So let's see the next riddle that will led us to the final easter egg of the year:

 Egg #8
The final egg's near a big, bright light
You are almost done, the end's in sight.
A big, bright light? Well, for me the brightest light in all Club Penguin Island comes from the Lighthouse, at the Beacon. Yeah, there it is! The final egg ( a green one with a light bulb on it ) is located just in front of the Beacon's enormous light bulb. Click it, and the same window will appear, but now with a notable difference: the "Claim Prize" button is now available! This means that you can now get your prize! And the prize is: the Yellow Bunny Ears item! Awesome, you have found all the 8 Easter Eggs! This yellow bunny ears are really similar to the pink bunny ears we received last year's Easter Egg Hunt Party. Well, now that you have found all the easter eggs and reclaimed your prize, you can log off Club Penguin or use your new item and play around with friends. Congratulations! :D

Please take note that if you log off in Club Penguin, your Easter Egg hunt progress will be lost. This means, that the easter eggs that you have found will return to their original place in Club Penguin. But don't worry! You will still have the Yellow Bunny Ears in your inventory, ready to use ( if you completed the scavenger hunt at least once ) Before ending this post, I would like to tell you something really special: Though I am not posting very much as I usually did before, please remember that I have not quit Club Penguin, and I am not planning to quit Club Penguin yet. I am doing my best to post, and in each post I try to add as most information as I can in order to explain you every single detail of it. That's why this blog is called "Club Penguin Info" since 2010: because it gives you as most information as possible. I am really glad that you visit my blog. Also, Club Penguin Info has reached its 21,185 visits! Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D
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