Saturday, January 28, 2012

Underwater Expedition 2012!

Hello everyone! How are you today? I hope fine! Some days ago ( last Thursday ) Club Penguin finally launched the "Underwater Expedition 2012" everyone was waiting for since beginnings of this Month. Now, in this post we are going to talk about what's going on right now in the Island. To start, I should admit something: When this party was announced for the first time, I thought that the ENTIRE Island was going to sink, and all the rooms where going to flood. But then, it was revealed that, instead of sinking, the Island was going to tip from its left side, in the Beach. And though now all the rooms in Club Penguin are tilted, only the ones near the beach are flooded ( except for the Beacon, at the Lighthouse ) If you go to the Beach, you will be able to see TONS of anvils, some in boxes and others around there. This caused Club Penguin's tipping. Note: If you click an Anvil at the Beach, a balloon will appear and it will led the anvil out of the water. There are balloons of 3 colors! Also, the Cove is the only room at the East side of the Island to be decorated. There's no water, instead there are some tidal pools, just like the ones that are in Sell at the Furniture Catalog. Now, lets start with my Underwater Expedition 2012 Guide: ( it contains special information that may help you during this Party )

Clean Up The Dock

This is a Special feature Club Penguin added to the Party. If you go to the Dock, you will be able to see that the room is quite flooded from the left side and the coast area, but it's dry in the right and up sides. From here, you can also see the Ski Lodge inside a Giant Glass! Now, in this room you can see that the decorations are just perfect for a Summer Party :) There are DJ's, chairs, water bottles, a fish - grill, sand - blankets, an Ice Castle, balloons, and even a Trampoline! But there's a main quest to do here: Can you see all that trash in the coast? What we have to do is to clean up all those things to let the plants grow. To do this, what you have to do is to CLICK all that trash ( You can do it in any order you want, but take in count that ALL the trash items need to be removed ) Once you finish, all the trash is going to the Recycle Bin at the right, and you will receive a special free - item: the "Clean Up Dock" Background! This is a very nice feature, because it shows us to help the Environment while having fun :) 

The Maze

gif maker

The Underwater Maze is the top event about this Party. But there are some things you should know about it: To start, the Underwater Maze is a Member - Only feature, so only penguin members can be able to enter it. Also, the only way to enter the Underwater Maze is located at the Beach ( Where you can get the Free "Heavy Hat" Item ) You can see posters about the Maze in different parts of the Islands, like the Town. Next to the entrance, you can see a "Map" in form of stone. If you click it for the first time, it will show the same Stone but bigger. But if you click for second time at the "Show Map" star - button, the Underwater Maze's Map will appear. Look carefully to it and try to remember where to go once you're inside. Now, I will not post the directions of the Maze, in order to do not ruin your fun trying to complete it :) But this Underwater Maze is really similar to the "Great Snow Maze" Party we had long time ago, in 2009. Once you find your way through the Underwater Maze ( and you get to the end ) you will find an Exclusive Underwater Room! Here you can light up the crystals, and pick up your free item: a Sonar Submarine costume! In this room you can hang out with friends, and dress up like underwater creatures! :DRemember that from here you can return to the Beach.

Herbert has Escaped

[ Attention: The following information is for EPF Agents only ]
Herbert P. Bear, EPF's main enemy, has escaped from its temporal Hibernation - box. If you can remember, we put him in there while he was hibernating, during the "Mountain Expedition" last year. Once we put him there, we activated a camera to keep monitoring him during his hibernation. He was hibernating some months, and everything was normal. But now, we can see that Herbert has escaped! The question is: how? The "Herbert Cam, Motion Detector, and Sleep Sensors" are ON. Even the "Security Engaged" feature is still working! How did they didn't noticed Herbert's escape? The reason of its disappearance is still unknown, but one possible reason could be that his best friend, Klutzy the Crab, could have helped Herbert. The reason? Still unknown. But I hope that Herbert and Klutzy, wherever they are, are not trying to mess up with Club Penguin again. Also, I hope they are OK, because Herbert can't swim ( and the UNDERWATER Party is going on )

I hope you liked this party guide. I am sorry that I couldn't make a Walkthrough - video for the Underwater Maze, but I hope that this information will help you. Also, remember that the "Fashion Show" is going to take place at the Gift Shop in February 2, so be prepared with your best clothes! Cadence ( one of our penguin - mascots ) is probably going to be there. But right now, try to meet Rookie! He's waddling around the Island because of the party. Remember that you can find him at crowded Servers, and he would probably be at the Beach, the Cove, the Dock, or the Underwater Maze. Please comment with your opinions about all this. Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Underwater Expedition: Sneak Peek Videos!

Hello everyone! I am really sorry that I am posting this kinda late, but it's better late than never, right? Well, to start with this post I will like to tell you something: The Underwater Expedition ( not Underwater Party, as we thought ) is going to be launched this month, January 26! The Club Penguin Team has posted already some Exclusive Sneak Peeks about what's going to happen during this Expedition, in their Club Penguin Official Blog.  But, they have ALSO uploaded those Videos to Youtube, so more people can see them easier. Now, in this post I am going to put all 3 videos Club Penguin have uploaded about the Underwater Expedition. 1 of the Videos was hidden in another one, and it contains special exclusives about the party. The first Video is about "2011 in Less that a Minute" Here is what Club Penguin says about: Here's a blast from the past... Check out all the ways we celebrated on Club Penguin in 2011! We discovered brown puffles at the Wilderness Expedition, then celebrated at the Puffle Party! We discovered lost silly dimensions during April Fools, cared for the environment in April, and defeated dragons at the Medieval Party. Next we rocked out at Music Jam, went on a pirate adventure with Rockhopper, then tried out some new extreme sled racing at the Great Snow Race. Some top secret stuff happened with secret agents -- sorry, EPF only, folks... Then we enjoyed ourselves at the Fair, donned party hats at Club Penguin's birthday and dressed up in creepy costumes for the biggest Halloween Party ever. To top it all off, Fire and Water Ninjas battled it out at the huge Card-Jitsu Party in November, then finished the year by gifting presents at the Holiday Party and changing the world during Coins for Change at the end of 2011.... With all these things that happened, we've gotta ask... What do you think will be next?! 

Awesome, right? That video showed up all the parties we had last year, 2011. It had the Medieval Party, the Halloween Party, the Card - Jitsu Party, the Mountain Expedition, the Holiday Party, and more! But it also contains Sneak Peeks about what's coming up this year: the Underwater Expedition, the April Fools Party and maybe the Puffle Party! It shows up a secret dragon cave, the Migrator full of machines ( maybe another invention from Gary! ), a Puffle Spa, and more. Now, if you didn't noticed, this video contains a secret link ( to another Club Penguin video ) that shows us MORE sneak Peeks about the Underwater Expedition we are going to have this month! The link to it appears closely from second 0:50 to second 0:52. But Club Penguin didn't included a description to this video, but I think that the images the video contains explains us what's the Party mostly going to be about. Here is that video if you haven't seen it already:

Awesome! In this video, we can see many important things:

  • Club Penguin is going to tip because there will be lots of Anvils in the Beach
  • We will be able to see Club Penguin tipping from the Iceberg!
  • There is going to be an entrance and a free item at the Beach
  • Members will be able to enter the Mysterious Deep
  • We will be able to clean - up the Deeps
  • There are some Metal - made doors! Maybe an Underwater maze...
Very nice, right? Now, here is the last video in this post. It was the first video Club Penguin uploaded that was related to the Underwater Expedition. It contains only a few sneak peeks and information, but it's enough. Here is what Club Penguin says about: From January 26-31, dive in to the Underwater Expedition Party in Club Penguin. Members can conquer the underwater maze and discover an exclusive item! Though this was supposed to be the "Underwater Expedition" announcement, it was mostly about a promotion of Club Penguin Memberships, because they mostly show us what things we can do being a member. Here is the video:

Those are the 3 videos. Are you excited for the Underwater Expedition! I am! Now, before ending this post, I will like to tell a special announcement: I am really sorry that I am delaying posting things. But the problem is that I have school, daily life and more things in the way. I am doing the best I can to post the most relevant announcements about Club Penguin. But if you want to get the newest updates in Club Penguin, you can check my Twitter ( @cpJe45rry ) where I will start tweeting not so relevant things, but it will help you to know what's happening around the Island. Thanks for reading and visiting my blog. Remember that you can send a comment with your opinion ( or any question you have about Club Penguin ) and I will be glad to answer you as fast as I can. Thanks for reading ( again ) and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Game ( Part 2 )

Note: Before you start reading this, I would like to apologize about the BIG delay of this story part. Here is the link if you haven't read the first part of this story ( which is made by me ) Click here Thanks!

19 Years later, London, U.K.

Jerry Rogers was another student at Fiderside Jr. High School, at London. He was very smart, creative, and he was also very good at jokes. He really liked to mess up their friend's things, throw paper balls at class, and he always liked the way their friends played with him. His best friend was Peter Palks, another guy of his classroom, which knew Jerry since kindergarden. Though Peter wasn't as smart as the rest of his class, he always tried to get the best scores at his exams. He was playful, funny, and everyone liked him. But what both had was their love to videogames.

- Good morning, class -
- Good morning, Ms. Erika -

Ms. Erika was the typical strict teacher at school. She was quite fat, had brown hair, and her voice was a little rough. She was Jerry and Peter's History teacher, everyone's worst subject.

- Today, - Ms. Erika said -  We are going to talk about a very interesting topic... -
- Hey Peter - said Jerry, in a low voice
- What? - answered Peter
- Have you heard about the School Trip we are going to have next week? -
- No! ( said Peter, surprised ) Where are we going to?... -

But to everyone's surprise, Ms. Erika said, with an angry face:

- Peter Palks, shut up and please tell me what I just said -

Everyone turned their heads to Peter.

- Uuuuum... - he said, nervous
- Uuuum what? - said Ms. Erika
- I don't know -
- Really? I thought you did because you where talking so much! -

After that, Jerry decided to remain in silence until the class was over, as same as Peter. But Peter was still distracted in other things. When the class was over, Mr. Steven ( or Mr. Eleeven, as everyone called him ) came to the classroom. Mr. Steven was the school's principal.

- Good morning, students -
- Good morning, Mr. Steven -
- Well, I just came here to make an announcement. Someones may have heard about the School Trip we are going to have next week... but just to remind everyone, the place we are going to is the "Computer Technology Museum". There we will find out more about... -
- Hey Peter - said Jerry
- What? - answered Peter, again
- I have heard about that museum before. Did you knew that real people worked in their own computer systems there in the 90´s? -
- No... and, for me that Museum sounds boring... All of them do, indeed. I thought we where going to a Theme Park - said Peter, disappointed
- ... so remember to bring everything you will need for the Trip. Any questions? -  finished saying Mr. Steven
- Yes - said Mario, the class´ worst student - where can I go to buy some chocolate cookies? - he said, joking.
Everyone started to laugh.
- You shall have more respect, Mario, or you will not go to the trip! -
Hours passed by, school finished, the cleaners made their job and everyone went home.
Everyone except 1 person.

Created by Je45rry. Part 2 coming soon!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What's new in January 2012!

Hello everyone! Yesterday Happy77 posted something in Club Penguin's Community Blog: some sneak peeks of what's coming up to the Island this month! The sneak peeks are organized as photos, which are only 3. But before posting about them, I would like to say something: If you didn't knew, according to the Australian Club Penguin Magazine, Club Penguin is going to have a special party this month: the Underwater Party! Yes! Club Penguin only had 1 Underwater Party ever. It was time ago ( I don't remember the year, because I created my penguin long after this happened ) when the Crab that's located at the Pool Cave broke the window by accident. Can you remember that crab? It appears swimming near the Pool window each 2 minutes or less. Well, when he broke the window, the water entered to the room with no control, and the whole Island sank a little. But G decided to make an underwater party while he fixed the broken glass! Later then, he replaced them, creating the "Festival of Flight", in which the Island was lifted from the Ocean by a giant balloon. That's what happened. So, what would be the reason to make another underwater party this time? Is the Island going to sink again? Here is what Happy77 says about the Sneak Peeks he gave us:

Happy77 here. Happy New Year, everyone! Can you believe it's 2012 already? I'm really excited about what the team's been working on for you this month. Here's a little sneak peek.

  • New clothing items: The new Penguin Style catalog will be at the Gift Shop this Thursday!
  • New Party: The team's almost finished another brand new party! Lots of you have been asking for one like this, and I think you're going to love it...
  • The Twelfth Fish at the Stage: It's back... for the first time since 2008!
  • Famous penguin visiting... Who do you think will be here this month?
  • and more....

What are you most excited about?

Wait... did Happy77 said " a brand - new party?" But there was an underwater party before! Unless its another type of underwater party. Well, he/she also says that a new Penguin Style Catalog is going to launch this Thursday ( tomorrow! ) There is also a sneak peek about a famous penguin visiting the Island.. who do you think it might be? I guess that it is going to be Gary, or maybe Aunt Arctic! It could be Rockhopper but he just left the Island some days ago, so it's not very probable. There is something about a Stage play named "The Twelfth Fish". Happy77 says that it hasn't be on stage since 2008! For the ones who play Club Penguin since its creation, I guess that they should remember that play. But before ending this post, I would like to say something more: Today Happy77 uploaded another CP Video that gives us a Sneak Peek of what's coming up in the January 2012 Catalog and one more thing: the Town a little tilted to the left! That means that the Island will be tipping for the Underwater Party, and it will start flooding in the Beach. Here is one Image:

As you can see, the Island seems to be tipping, just like an Iceberg! But, what's that thing at the left - down side of the picture? It seems to be another one of those posters that announces a special room when a Party is on the Island. Wait... the picture in the poster... is that the Lighthouse?? And it seems to be underwater! Behind of it seems to be a special room. I suppose that it will be for member only... but if you are not member, don't worry! I wil post about that room so you can get informed about it. I guess that this party will be on very soon. Thanks for reading, and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that Rookie is going to be at the Island this month!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Some Possible Ideas for 2012!

Hello everyone! How are you today? As you may know, today is January 2, 2011, and tomorrow will be the third day of 2012! We are just starting a brand - new year, full of hope and happiness, right? Well, the reason of this post is to talk about the events that happened last year ( 2011 ) in Club Penguin, and some ideas for possible new events that may occur during 2012. Well, let's start from EPF. Last year we had many Special events according to that: we had "Operation Hibernation!", in which we used the "Great Snow Race" as disguise to enter Herbert P. Bear's cave in the Mountains. There, we put Herbert in a special crystal box, where he would Hibernate for the next months. Klutzy the Crab escaped, but it hasn't be any trouble. Instead, Klutzy seems to be very nice! It visited Herbert during the Holidays. Since Herbert was put in that special crystal box for Hibernation, The Director ( and Gary the Gadget Guy ) had been giving us training assignments. As I know, Herbert will wake up from his Hibernation during the beginning of this year, but I hope that he won't make any trouble in the Island. Instead, I hope that Klutzy will help Herbert to be a good and nice bear.

Now let's talk about other topic: Memberships. But, what is a Membership? In case you don't know, a Membership is a special upgrade that your penguin receives ( for a specific time ) when you pay a special amount to Club Penguin. It allows your penguin to buy clothes, enter special rooms, decorate its Igloo, and more. But last year Club Penguin raised the Membership Prices in USA and Canada! According to them, they did that because they where going to improve everything in Club Penguin, like parties, items, rooms, and more like that. And it seems that they where telling the truth! Since that, almost everything in Club Penguin has been improved: The Parties have more rooms, they are very detailed and the items have been improving too! We hope that they will keep everything good, but without raising any prices again. According to Lane Merrifield ( Billybob ) this year will be full of exclusive events in Club Penguin, but only with Membership.

Another important topic of last year where the Parties. Last year, there where many parties in Club Penguin all across the year. Also, this parties have been improving! Before, the parties had only a few decorated rooms, but now, almost the whole Island has been decorated and full of awesome details! One example was the Puffle Party 2011, where we had the Island full of color and puffles :) Almost the whole Island was been changed from the decorations of 2010. Also, last year we had a brand - new party in Club Penguin: the Card - Jitsu Party! There, every single penguin was allowed to play all Card - Jitsu Levels. Another party that really improved was the Halloween Party 2011. The decorations where different from the ones that CP used in 2010, and almost every room in the Island was decorated! And everyone was invited to the Haunted Mansion, if you can remember. But the most recent party is the Holiday Party 2011, where 95% ( almost every room ) of the Island was decorated.

Those are some of the things that Club Penguin changed ( or improved ) in 2011. Now, let's talk about possible new events that may occur this year, 2012. Well, as many of you should know, it is quite hard to guess what's going to occur, but I am going to do my best. Here is a list ( some of them have links included ) about what can happen this year in the Island: ( Remember that these are just guessings, they can either happen or not )

- Herbert is going to wake up from Hibernation Find out More
Last year, after we beat Probot, Gary the Gadget Guy ( G ) said that Herbert was going to be asleep in Hibernation only for some months. After that, he would wake up, and we should find a place where to put him so he can be safe. But I hope that we will put Herbert in a nice place, and try to befriend him. His accomplice, Klutzy the Crab, seems to be worried about Herbert. I hope that we will finally be friends of them. But there are some rumors that Klutzy is going to bring another EPF enemy with him.
- Card - Jitsu Snow will be Launched Find out More
Last year, when the Card - Jitsu Party was launched for the first time ever, Sensei told us that, though there was still a long way to master Snow, there was a possibilty that next year we could be ready for it. Some penguins think that the Card  -Jitsu Snow Dojo will be at the Mountain, next to the Waterfall. Remember that this is the last element in Sensei's list. ( Fire, Water and Snow ) Once we get the Snow Gem into our amulets, we should become true Masters of the Elements.
- Memberships will raise prices Find out More
Last year, Club Penguin raised the Memberships prices in Canada and the United States of America; saying that they needed that money to help improve the Island. But there are some rumors that say that Club Penguin will raise the prices in more countries this year. Though this is just a rumor, it could be a possible thing to happen, because hundreds of new penguins registers into the site per month. I hope that they will not raise more membership prices, because people would stop paying expensive membersips.
- More Mobile Apps Find out More
If you can remember, last year Club Penguin launched their first Mobile App ever. It was the "Puffle Launch" App, based in the game. It was designed for iPhones, iPods, iPads, and Android products. But later then, Billybob told us that they where working in new apps for the Future. Some of them where going to be based in more Club Penguin games, as he said. Some people think that there will be "Jetpack Adventure", "Aqua Grabber" and "Pufflescape" Apps that will be launched this year. The prices can increase, because last year the "Puffle Launch" App was one of the most downloaded apps.

Those are some of the events that may happen this year, 2012. But before I end this post, I want to tell you something. I started playing Club Penguin since 2009, almost the same time I started this blog. I have seen many things in the island, I have met very good friends, and I have passed through problems ( as everyone else ) And right now, I am really happy to start a new year with new goals, new friends and with new positive  expectatives. I am very thankful to you and everyone else who has visited this blog; you are the reason I post in here. I wish you that this year will be full of happiness, friendship and good goals. Remember that together we can change the world. Happy New Year from me to Everyone! Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :) ( And also please follow my Twitter account @cpJe45rry ) Thanks! :D