Sunday, January 15, 2012

Underwater Expedition: Sneak Peek Videos!

Hello everyone! I am really sorry that I am posting this kinda late, but it's better late than never, right? Well, to start with this post I will like to tell you something: The Underwater Expedition ( not Underwater Party, as we thought ) is going to be launched this month, January 26! The Club Penguin Team has posted already some Exclusive Sneak Peeks about what's going to happen during this Expedition, in their Club Penguin Official Blog.  But, they have ALSO uploaded those Videos to Youtube, so more people can see them easier. Now, in this post I am going to put all 3 videos Club Penguin have uploaded about the Underwater Expedition. 1 of the Videos was hidden in another one, and it contains special exclusives about the party. The first Video is about "2011 in Less that a Minute" Here is what Club Penguin says about: Here's a blast from the past... Check out all the ways we celebrated on Club Penguin in 2011! We discovered brown puffles at the Wilderness Expedition, then celebrated at the Puffle Party! We discovered lost silly dimensions during April Fools, cared for the environment in April, and defeated dragons at the Medieval Party. Next we rocked out at Music Jam, went on a pirate adventure with Rockhopper, then tried out some new extreme sled racing at the Great Snow Race. Some top secret stuff happened with secret agents -- sorry, EPF only, folks... Then we enjoyed ourselves at the Fair, donned party hats at Club Penguin's birthday and dressed up in creepy costumes for the biggest Halloween Party ever. To top it all off, Fire and Water Ninjas battled it out at the huge Card-Jitsu Party in November, then finished the year by gifting presents at the Holiday Party and changing the world during Coins for Change at the end of 2011.... With all these things that happened, we've gotta ask... What do you think will be next?! 

Awesome, right? That video showed up all the parties we had last year, 2011. It had the Medieval Party, the Halloween Party, the Card - Jitsu Party, the Mountain Expedition, the Holiday Party, and more! But it also contains Sneak Peeks about what's coming up this year: the Underwater Expedition, the April Fools Party and maybe the Puffle Party! It shows up a secret dragon cave, the Migrator full of machines ( maybe another invention from Gary! ), a Puffle Spa, and more. Now, if you didn't noticed, this video contains a secret link ( to another Club Penguin video ) that shows us MORE sneak Peeks about the Underwater Expedition we are going to have this month! The link to it appears closely from second 0:50 to second 0:52. But Club Penguin didn't included a description to this video, but I think that the images the video contains explains us what's the Party mostly going to be about. Here is that video if you haven't seen it already:

Awesome! In this video, we can see many important things:

  • Club Penguin is going to tip because there will be lots of Anvils in the Beach
  • We will be able to see Club Penguin tipping from the Iceberg!
  • There is going to be an entrance and a free item at the Beach
  • Members will be able to enter the Mysterious Deep
  • We will be able to clean - up the Deeps
  • There are some Metal - made doors! Maybe an Underwater maze...
Very nice, right? Now, here is the last video in this post. It was the first video Club Penguin uploaded that was related to the Underwater Expedition. It contains only a few sneak peeks and information, but it's enough. Here is what Club Penguin says about: From January 26-31, dive in to the Underwater Expedition Party in Club Penguin. Members can conquer the underwater maze and discover an exclusive item! Though this was supposed to be the "Underwater Expedition" announcement, it was mostly about a promotion of Club Penguin Memberships, because they mostly show us what things we can do being a member. Here is the video:

Those are the 3 videos. Are you excited for the Underwater Expedition! I am! Now, before ending this post, I will like to tell a special announcement: I am really sorry that I am delaying posting things. But the problem is that I have school, daily life and more things in the way. I am doing the best I can to post the most relevant announcements about Club Penguin. But if you want to get the newest updates in Club Penguin, you can check my Twitter ( @cpJe45rry ) where I will start tweeting not so relevant things, but it will help you to know what's happening around the Island. Thanks for reading and visiting my blog. Remember that you can send a comment with your opinion ( or any question you have about Club Penguin ) and I will be glad to answer you as fast as I can. Thanks for reading ( again ) and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D


  1. Wicked! I'm having a party plus a coin code giveaway today!

  2. Hi Pingu Pingey, I am sorry but I JUST saw this comment today, so I couldn't visit your site at time. Hope we will meet in CP some other day! :)