Saturday, January 28, 2012

Underwater Expedition 2012!

Hello everyone! How are you today? I hope fine! Some days ago ( last Thursday ) Club Penguin finally launched the "Underwater Expedition 2012" everyone was waiting for since beginnings of this Month. Now, in this post we are going to talk about what's going on right now in the Island. To start, I should admit something: When this party was announced for the first time, I thought that the ENTIRE Island was going to sink, and all the rooms where going to flood. But then, it was revealed that, instead of sinking, the Island was going to tip from its left side, in the Beach. And though now all the rooms in Club Penguin are tilted, only the ones near the beach are flooded ( except for the Beacon, at the Lighthouse ) If you go to the Beach, you will be able to see TONS of anvils, some in boxes and others around there. This caused Club Penguin's tipping. Note: If you click an Anvil at the Beach, a balloon will appear and it will led the anvil out of the water. There are balloons of 3 colors! Also, the Cove is the only room at the East side of the Island to be decorated. There's no water, instead there are some tidal pools, just like the ones that are in Sell at the Furniture Catalog. Now, lets start with my Underwater Expedition 2012 Guide: ( it contains special information that may help you during this Party )

Clean Up The Dock

This is a Special feature Club Penguin added to the Party. If you go to the Dock, you will be able to see that the room is quite flooded from the left side and the coast area, but it's dry in the right and up sides. From here, you can also see the Ski Lodge inside a Giant Glass! Now, in this room you can see that the decorations are just perfect for a Summer Party :) There are DJ's, chairs, water bottles, a fish - grill, sand - blankets, an Ice Castle, balloons, and even a Trampoline! But there's a main quest to do here: Can you see all that trash in the coast? What we have to do is to clean up all those things to let the plants grow. To do this, what you have to do is to CLICK all that trash ( You can do it in any order you want, but take in count that ALL the trash items need to be removed ) Once you finish, all the trash is going to the Recycle Bin at the right, and you will receive a special free - item: the "Clean Up Dock" Background! This is a very nice feature, because it shows us to help the Environment while having fun :) 

The Maze

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The Underwater Maze is the top event about this Party. But there are some things you should know about it: To start, the Underwater Maze is a Member - Only feature, so only penguin members can be able to enter it. Also, the only way to enter the Underwater Maze is located at the Beach ( Where you can get the Free "Heavy Hat" Item ) You can see posters about the Maze in different parts of the Islands, like the Town. Next to the entrance, you can see a "Map" in form of stone. If you click it for the first time, it will show the same Stone but bigger. But if you click for second time at the "Show Map" star - button, the Underwater Maze's Map will appear. Look carefully to it and try to remember where to go once you're inside. Now, I will not post the directions of the Maze, in order to do not ruin your fun trying to complete it :) But this Underwater Maze is really similar to the "Great Snow Maze" Party we had long time ago, in 2009. Once you find your way through the Underwater Maze ( and you get to the end ) you will find an Exclusive Underwater Room! Here you can light up the crystals, and pick up your free item: a Sonar Submarine costume! In this room you can hang out with friends, and dress up like underwater creatures! :DRemember that from here you can return to the Beach.

Herbert has Escaped

[ Attention: The following information is for EPF Agents only ]
Herbert P. Bear, EPF's main enemy, has escaped from its temporal Hibernation - box. If you can remember, we put him in there while he was hibernating, during the "Mountain Expedition" last year. Once we put him there, we activated a camera to keep monitoring him during his hibernation. He was hibernating some months, and everything was normal. But now, we can see that Herbert has escaped! The question is: how? The "Herbert Cam, Motion Detector, and Sleep Sensors" are ON. Even the "Security Engaged" feature is still working! How did they didn't noticed Herbert's escape? The reason of its disappearance is still unknown, but one possible reason could be that his best friend, Klutzy the Crab, could have helped Herbert. The reason? Still unknown. But I hope that Herbert and Klutzy, wherever they are, are not trying to mess up with Club Penguin again. Also, I hope they are OK, because Herbert can't swim ( and the UNDERWATER Party is going on )

I hope you liked this party guide. I am sorry that I couldn't make a Walkthrough - video for the Underwater Maze, but I hope that this information will help you. Also, remember that the "Fashion Show" is going to take place at the Gift Shop in February 2, so be prepared with your best clothes! Cadence ( one of our penguin - mascots ) is probably going to be there. But right now, try to meet Rookie! He's waddling around the Island because of the party. Remember that you can find him at crowded Servers, and he would probably be at the Beach, the Cove, the Dock, or the Underwater Maze. Please comment with your opinions about all this. Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

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