Monday, January 2, 2012

Some Possible Ideas for 2012!

Hello everyone! How are you today? As you may know, today is January 2, 2011, and tomorrow will be the third day of 2012! We are just starting a brand - new year, full of hope and happiness, right? Well, the reason of this post is to talk about the events that happened last year ( 2011 ) in Club Penguin, and some ideas for possible new events that may occur during 2012. Well, let's start from EPF. Last year we had many Special events according to that: we had "Operation Hibernation!", in which we used the "Great Snow Race" as disguise to enter Herbert P. Bear's cave in the Mountains. There, we put Herbert in a special crystal box, where he would Hibernate for the next months. Klutzy the Crab escaped, but it hasn't be any trouble. Instead, Klutzy seems to be very nice! It visited Herbert during the Holidays. Since Herbert was put in that special crystal box for Hibernation, The Director ( and Gary the Gadget Guy ) had been giving us training assignments. As I know, Herbert will wake up from his Hibernation during the beginning of this year, but I hope that he won't make any trouble in the Island. Instead, I hope that Klutzy will help Herbert to be a good and nice bear.

Now let's talk about other topic: Memberships. But, what is a Membership? In case you don't know, a Membership is a special upgrade that your penguin receives ( for a specific time ) when you pay a special amount to Club Penguin. It allows your penguin to buy clothes, enter special rooms, decorate its Igloo, and more. But last year Club Penguin raised the Membership Prices in USA and Canada! According to them, they did that because they where going to improve everything in Club Penguin, like parties, items, rooms, and more like that. And it seems that they where telling the truth! Since that, almost everything in Club Penguin has been improved: The Parties have more rooms, they are very detailed and the items have been improving too! We hope that they will keep everything good, but without raising any prices again. According to Lane Merrifield ( Billybob ) this year will be full of exclusive events in Club Penguin, but only with Membership.

Another important topic of last year where the Parties. Last year, there where many parties in Club Penguin all across the year. Also, this parties have been improving! Before, the parties had only a few decorated rooms, but now, almost the whole Island has been decorated and full of awesome details! One example was the Puffle Party 2011, where we had the Island full of color and puffles :) Almost the whole Island was been changed from the decorations of 2010. Also, last year we had a brand - new party in Club Penguin: the Card - Jitsu Party! There, every single penguin was allowed to play all Card - Jitsu Levels. Another party that really improved was the Halloween Party 2011. The decorations where different from the ones that CP used in 2010, and almost every room in the Island was decorated! And everyone was invited to the Haunted Mansion, if you can remember. But the most recent party is the Holiday Party 2011, where 95% ( almost every room ) of the Island was decorated.

Those are some of the things that Club Penguin changed ( or improved ) in 2011. Now, let's talk about possible new events that may occur this year, 2012. Well, as many of you should know, it is quite hard to guess what's going to occur, but I am going to do my best. Here is a list ( some of them have links included ) about what can happen this year in the Island: ( Remember that these are just guessings, they can either happen or not )

- Herbert is going to wake up from Hibernation Find out More
Last year, after we beat Probot, Gary the Gadget Guy ( G ) said that Herbert was going to be asleep in Hibernation only for some months. After that, he would wake up, and we should find a place where to put him so he can be safe. But I hope that we will put Herbert in a nice place, and try to befriend him. His accomplice, Klutzy the Crab, seems to be worried about Herbert. I hope that we will finally be friends of them. But there are some rumors that Klutzy is going to bring another EPF enemy with him.
- Card - Jitsu Snow will be Launched Find out More
Last year, when the Card - Jitsu Party was launched for the first time ever, Sensei told us that, though there was still a long way to master Snow, there was a possibilty that next year we could be ready for it. Some penguins think that the Card  -Jitsu Snow Dojo will be at the Mountain, next to the Waterfall. Remember that this is the last element in Sensei's list. ( Fire, Water and Snow ) Once we get the Snow Gem into our amulets, we should become true Masters of the Elements.
- Memberships will raise prices Find out More
Last year, Club Penguin raised the Memberships prices in Canada and the United States of America; saying that they needed that money to help improve the Island. But there are some rumors that say that Club Penguin will raise the prices in more countries this year. Though this is just a rumor, it could be a possible thing to happen, because hundreds of new penguins registers into the site per month. I hope that they will not raise more membership prices, because people would stop paying expensive membersips.
- More Mobile Apps Find out More
If you can remember, last year Club Penguin launched their first Mobile App ever. It was the "Puffle Launch" App, based in the game. It was designed for iPhones, iPods, iPads, and Android products. But later then, Billybob told us that they where working in new apps for the Future. Some of them where going to be based in more Club Penguin games, as he said. Some people think that there will be "Jetpack Adventure", "Aqua Grabber" and "Pufflescape" Apps that will be launched this year. The prices can increase, because last year the "Puffle Launch" App was one of the most downloaded apps.

Those are some of the events that may happen this year, 2012. But before I end this post, I want to tell you something. I started playing Club Penguin since 2009, almost the same time I started this blog. I have seen many things in the island, I have met very good friends, and I have passed through problems ( as everyone else ) And right now, I am really happy to start a new year with new goals, new friends and with new positive  expectatives. I am very thankful to you and everyone else who has visited this blog; you are the reason I post in here. I wish you that this year will be full of happiness, friendship and good goals. Remember that together we can change the world. Happy New Year from me to Everyone! Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :) ( And also please follow my Twitter account @cpJe45rry ) Thanks! :D

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