Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Inside: Club Penguin Memberships!

 Hello everyone! Today I will talk about a very interesting and important topic: Club Penguin's Memberships. As you may know, what every single penguin wants in the Club Penguin Island is a Membership, right? And why? They bring us the opportunity to access to special rooms, buy special items, change our igloos, access to special events, adopting special puffles and many other things in Club Penguin. And the penguin that doesn't have a Membership ( just like me ) is limited to buy and get items, can't access to special events, can't buy special puffles and many other things. As everyone knows, Club Penguin Memberships are needed to be Bought $ with real - life money. It could be electronic money ( pay - pal,  credit cards and things like that) or cash money ( in stores, like Certificate Gift and Membership Cards ) Only in the first days of Club Penguin ( before it officially opened ) everything was free to already - registered penguins, now named as "Beta Penguins", by being testing Club Penguin in its origins. Many penguins have asked their selves: why Memberships exist? Why can't just Club Penguin lets us to have everything like free? Well, that's one of the questions that I sent to the Club Penguin Team in an e-mail, showing them some of my disappointing feelings about Club Penguin locked levels for non - members. Here are the e-mails: ( from Club Penguin and me )

<< To: Club Penguin Team >>
<< From: Je45rry >>
<< Dear Club penguin:
I am very glad and happy that the stamps are here, but I am a little dissapointed by the locked games... I was thinking if the Club Penguin team can unlock at least one level of each game that changed. ( Aqua Grabber, Jet - Adventure, and more ) >>

<< To: Je45rry >>
<< From: Club Penguin Team >>
<< Thanks for taking the time to write in and let us know what you think of the recent changes that were made to some of the games on the island. We really appreciate your feedback! We believe that every penguin deserves a chance to enjoy Club Penguin in many different ways. With that in mind, we have brought the new Stamp Book to the Island! This is a great way for all penguins to share their accomplishments with their penguin pals! We understand that certain game levels are no longer available for all players. Please keep in mind that members pay each month to receive special features, and these features are our way of saying "Thank You" for supporting Club Penguin.

Without financial support from our members, Club Penguin could not exist for anyone! Though some changes have been made to certain games, we have introduced Stamps as a new feature for all penguins to enjoy. In fact, more than half of the available Stamps can be collected by all penguins! Stamps are a way for penguins to work together and share fun experiences with their buddies. Club Penguin is always introducing new content for everyone to enjoy, so you can be confident that there will always be much more to look forward to for everyone! I hope this helps explain the situation a bit more for you. >>

As you can notice, I high - lighted with red the most important sentences in Club Penguin's response e-mail. Very interesting, right? With this sentence, I understood a little bit more about why Club Penguin created the Memberships. They need our money - help to keep their site on by buying special Memberships! I mean, they make special events "in a way to thank those member people" that help them with the money they pay while getting a Membership. In the e-mail it also says that Club Penguin also thinks in those penguins that can't pay ( or they just don't want to ) a Membership, by giving them free items and some events. And yes, it is true, right? But there is a severe problem that is being presented this last days: Club Penguin Bugs! More than once, member penguins can't access to the site by fault of this bugs, and it seems unfair to them, because it is taking time from enjoying the Membership THEY PAID FOR with real money! Also, right now there are Bug problems with Club Penguin's Nintendo ( DS, Wii, etc ) system! Some penguins can't transfer the coins they win in the game to their online account, which is causing trouble because they also paid money for that. But, guess what? Club Penguin has rised the prices for Club Penguin Memberships for USA and Canada! Here is what Billybob says about:

For the first time since Club Penguin started, we've decided to change the price of new memberships purchased in US and Canada. Starting on July 13th, the new price for a Club Penguin membership will be $7.95 a month, $39.95 for 6 months and $59.95 for 12 months. The new price is only for NEW membership purchases. If you already have a recurring membership, you'll keep paying the old price as long as you stay a member. You'll also be able to use membership cards with the old price if you have them. Ever since we launched Club Penguin, we've released tons of new games, features and special events, and donated millions of dollars to charitable projects to help kids around the globe. The new price will allow us to create even more great content that will make Club Penguin even better. We can't say too much yet, but we have some really exciting new things planned for you in the coming months!

Ummm... well, I think that if Club Penguin will REALLY accomplish what they are saying here, ( create even more great content to penguins ) I think that it is fair. But there is still a doubt: why updating Membership prices??? It doesn't has anything to do with making great content, or it is?!? That is another big question... And can you notice where he says: "You'll keep paying the old price as long as you stay a member"? And can you notice that Club Penguin wants actual - members to pay and pay for more Memberships so they don't pay the worse prices? And can you also notice that they only rise the prices in USA and Canada because they are the most - buying membership countries? That is very disappointing for me... Well, I think that if Club Penguin rise the Membership prices, they should make very AWESOME content for next months. I trust that you will not disappoint more penguins, Club Penguin. Please send me a comment with your opinion about all this. Thanks for reading and see you later! :D

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