Monday, July 25, 2011

Someone Else ( Part 11 ) UPDATED

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Jerry was in shock. What he read was completely scary. He didn't knew that those people he saw through the black glasses could do something bad to him, as it said in the paper. He didn't knew what to do. Maybe if he conserve the glasses? Nothing would happen then. But he said to Victor that he would destroy them. Jerry knew very clear that those glasses where, in a special way, dangerous to him and everyone else. If what the paper said was true, in that case he couldn't destroy the glasses. But he must destroy them. So, destroy them or conserve them? That was a big decision now.

Meanwhile, in Victor's House

- Victor -
<< What? >> thought Victor. Someone just said his name. But no one else was there, in his room. His mom went to the Bank just some minutes ago, and he was alone in the House.
<< I think I just imagined it >> he thought
He continued watching his favorite program in the TV. It was raining with more intensity than before, now the Thunders could be heard very clear. The Sun was about to fall, and he began to be scared.
- Victor - 
Now he hadn't any doubt about it. He really heard it. Someone was there. Victor turned his head around, very carefully, trying to find the one that was calling him.
But he couldn't see no one.
Then he remembered about the black glasses. He thought in the possibility that he couldn't see anyone because he wasn't wearing them. So he said:
- Is anyone there? -
There was no answer. The only thing he could hear was the thunders. But when he was going to see the TV again, something happened. The images in the TV began to be confusing. The screen turned into very distorted colors, like the colors of a rainbow.
Just like when he put on the Black Glasses some hours ago.
That worried him even more. Suddenly, he heard something else:
- Victor... why do you want to destroy us? - 
That voice was very frightening, very hoarse. Victor began shaking. He took a metal brat that he had near of him. Then, he began walking very slowly to the Door, saying:
- Who are you? -
- Why? We haven't do anything bad to you... we do not deserve it... - said the voice, turning angry
- What? But I don't want  to destroy you, I only want to destroy the glasses! - Victor said, shaking
In that moment, something pushed Victor to the floor very strong. He screamed of terror, as the same time the brat fell to the floor too, some meters away from him.
- We do not deserve it... - said again the voice
Victor was really scared. He could hardly breathe. Then, he took his cellphone from his pocket. He called Jerry, as the same time he was leaning in a side of his table.

Meanwhile, in Jerry's house:

<< Rrring -  Rrring >> Sounded Jerry's cellphone

- Who could it be? - said Jerry, in low voice, as the same time he answered the call.

<< Hello? >>
<< Jerry... Jerry! Help me! Please! >>
<< Victor? What is-- what is happening? >>
<< They are here, Jerry! They really want the glasses back! >>
<< Victor, what are you talking about? Are you ok?? >>
<< Run, Jerry! Run and save you before they-- *Click* >>
<< Beep. Beep. Beep. >>

- Victor! Are you there? - said Jerry, worried - Victor?? -
Jerry knew that something bad happened to Victor, but who was trying to harm him? And why did the call suddenly ended? Then, he understood what Victor was trying to tell him in the call.
- I must destroy those glasses - he said, in low voice.
So he took the black glasses from his pocket, and then he said, nervous:
- Well, here I go -
And with all his might, he pulled apart each side of the glasses. But nothing. He tried to break them through other way, but nothing. So he put the glasses in the floor, and started to crush them with his feet. But nothing! The glasses where still normal!
- What? How can I destroy you? - said Jerry to the glasses - you are unbreakable... -
In that moment, Jerry felt something strange. Like if he was being observed.
He turned his head around, but he didn't see anything.
- Who's there? - said Jerry, nervous
Then he remembered about the glasses. So he put them on, expecting to see another "dead" person through them. But, even with the black glasses on, Jerry couldn't see anyone in his room.
And just when he was going to take the glasses away, he heard something.
- Give us the Glasses -
Now Jerry was really scared.
It was Victor's voice.

Created by Je45rry. ( Part 12 coming soon! )

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