Friday, July 22, 2011

Adventure Party 2011 here!

Hello penguins! How are you today? I'm fine! I am very sorry to not post these days ( though there where many new things ) because I was busy with many other things. Well, to start, I think that you already know that the Adventure Party 2011 is here already, right? Well, I am really excited by this party! Well, in this post I will talk about many special features of the Party. To start, you may know that many rooms of the Island have changed. Now, we can find wilderness in the rooms, special trees and much more! Also, there are new rooms and features, even new special mini - games. Oh, I almost forgot! Rockhopper has arrived to join us in this great celebration! Though there are many red - crabs everywhere... Also, one of the principal purposes in the party is to find Rockhopper's lost Cream Soda barrels. In order to do this, you will have to follow certain clues through all the Island, until you find them! You can also read about it in Rockhopper's Headquarters, in the Newspaper, and in some posters that are located in several parts of the Island. So, here is what you have to do:

1- Treasure Hunt

1st Step: Telescope
In order to reach and complete this step ( there are 4 steps in total ) you will have to go first to the Migrator ( Rockhopper's ship ) and then read the note that is next to the Captain's Headquarters Door. It will say that all the Cream Soda barrels are missing! Oh no! But don't worry, we have to go to the Iceberg, as the note says. Now, here we can see a palm, some sand, some coconuts, some boxes... oh see! There's the Squid! The posters says that we can feed it. Now, you have to throw him food ( the Snowball will turn into a fish! ) and then, he will throw you a Telescope and a special note! Awesome! Let's see what the note says: Avast! We pirates found this Telescope. Ye best be sailing at the Dock. Also, you will receive a free item. Now, let's go to the Dock for the next clue! Oh and thanks Squid... there are many red crabs in here...

2nd Step: Feather
Once you arrive to the Dock, you will see a ship, some sand forts, and something that seems a strange machine right up the Ship. Oh no! The box came down and crashed with the Ship, destroying it! Well, it seems that it's our turn to fix it. You will have to put the correct part in the correct place, in order to arm the ship correctly. Once you finish, something will get out from the Third Cannon. Wow! It is a feather and another special note. It says: Happened upon this feather today. May want to speak with the Birds... Also, you will get a Feather pin. Well, it is very curious that this note is more formal and elegant that the first one, don't you think? Well, it says something about "speak with the Birds"... but, where can I find birds? Oh, I think that I know the answer! The special room that is located  at the Forest! Well, let's go... there are many red crabs here too!

3rd Step: Key
To get into this special party room you have to climb one of the Trees that are at the Forest. ( As many can remember, this room was only for Members last year's party. I am very glad that now it isn't! ) Oh, see! Here are many birds, just as I expected! Also here are many other things... I think that this place is very good to make a party and hang out with friends :) Well, where could be the next clue? See! There's a poster saying that we have to press the drums in the correct order, following the bird's song. To do this, you have to hear the song's notes, and click the drums following them. You will have to press 5 drums. Once you finished, you will get the "Music Maestro!" stamp! Oh, look! An egg has fallen to that nest! And inside it has a key and another special note. Here is what the note says: We gots this Map and Key. Somebody left 'em, Dunno who! Also, you will win a key pin. Also, I don't know why... but it seems that the note is stained with honey, don't you think? Well, in the map it shows an "X" in the Cove... I think that we should go there! This is strange.. it seems that the Island is full of red crabs!

4th Step: Treasure!
Oh yes, the name of this step is Treasure! And why? Because this is the final step, in which you finally find the hidden treasure! Well, not so hidden at all, because it is located underneath that Big "X". Just like the map! Well, to get the treasure you have to be wearing only a Hammer - Hat. You can get one free just there! Once you start digging, the floor will begin opening, and then, the Treasure will be out! Oh, see! The treasure was the missing Cream Soda barrels! Now, you get a prize, a special hat. Oh, it seems that Rockhopper has given us a note! It says: Arr! Me Cream Soda be safe! Ye be a fine pirate finding it! Fair winds! Thanks, Rockhopper! Now that you completed the Treasure Hunt, you have 5 new items! Remember, 4 pins and 1 head item. But the fun doesn't ends here. There are many things you can do with friends! And to help you, here is a list of the rooms I recommend you to go the most:

- Pizza Parlor
- Hidden Lake ( member item! )
- Town
- Cove ( surprise! )
- Snow Forts
- Iceberg
- Rockhopper's Ship
- Ship Battle Room ( members only )
- Tree House

But there's one more thing: As you may have noticed, there have been many crabs in the Island. They are everywhere, and they seem that they know what they're doing. But when I was in the Cove, I saw something very unusual: A Blue Crab! Yes! But, how could it be possible? That's very strange, though... later I investigated more about this and it seems that it only appears 1 time each 30 minutes, according to the Club Penguin Time Zone. Once it appears, he will only look with his eyes to everywhere, and jump into water like 7 seconds later, so it will not be there for much time. So, if you want to see it, go to the Cove each 30 minutes. Now, the question is: who is him? There is an Item selling in the Hidden Lake which is the Blue Crab Costume for $50. I think that all these crabs  ( specially the Blue one ) has something to do with Klutzy the Crab and Herbert. I hope that nothing bad will happen. What do you think about all this? Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

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