Thursday, August 25, 2011

Great Snow Race: Operation Hibernation!

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Hello penguins! Guess what? Club Penguin has released the Great Snow Race Party! Yeah! To start, we have to go the Ski Village. Here you can see a giant announce saying "Great Snow Race!" In one side, you can see the winners podium. #1, #2, #3 and you will see #4 in the snow... well, let's go in! Once you enter, you will notice that it's the same mountain we traveled through during the Island Adventure party 2010. But some things have changed: there are new items at the Gear & Supplies shop, it seems to be more things, and seems to be a "Half Pipe" attraction for skateboarders. Also, it seems to be more cold, because there are stalactites everywhere. You can see an "Ice Climb" poster but you can only access to it as a faster way to get to the Mountain top once you get to it manually. Before you start, you can buy some items there ( only for members ) Once you are ready, enter the cave. There you will see that there are some words painted in the floor. Now, to have access to the next room, you have to click each stalactite, one by one. In this room, you will be able to pass this level clicking in the red button once you finish this. Now, let's go!

Here you can see the an Ice Cream little shop has been added, also a Coffee shop. There's also a giant TV showing 2 penguins racing. Here you can relax, have a great time with your friends, and have fun! You can pass to the next room if you want. Let's go there... In this room, you can see 2 things very clearly. one, you can't pass to the next room, two, there's an "EPF Only" announce in one side of the screen. Here you can make your own choice: go to the Snow Race or to the EPF "Operation Hibernation" mission! You can choose any first. If you choose to go to the Snow Race, you will see that there's one Free Item, a green racing helmet. There you can race with other penguins, maximum four. In my opinion, I thought that the Snow Race was going to be different from the other ones, I mean, new features, things like that... well, once you race, go for duty at the Secret Cave, ( EPF Only ) to complete your mission.

As you may know, this was a secret room in the Mountain last year, but it seems that now everyone knows about it... Well, that's ok! Hmmm... here is the signal anntena that works for EPF Agents... see! There's a secret path in the left side of the screen! And those seem to be polar bear traces... right? Before you enter, you have to take the free Helmet that is there. Once you have it on, you can enter safely. In the room you will see many lasers. If you touch any of them, an alarm will sound and you will restart the level. You have to wait until the laser dissappears before you walk in. There are 3 levels, the last one is the hardest one. In the 2nd level you will have to get the Key to enter Herbert's lair, in the last level. Once you are inside, you will see Herbert and Klutzy sleeping. At first, you will have to throw snowballs to the Energy power, that are 3 and are located at one side of the lair. Then, create the special "jail" around Herbert and Klutzy, connecting it to the AC3000. Yay! We catched Herbert! You will get 3 medals. Oh, Klutzy escaped! No worry, he is a good crab, I think. Later I will make another post talking more about this. Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

( This way is how Herbert's cage must be made )

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