Monday, October 4, 2010

Halloween Costume Contest!

Hello Penguins! Guess what? I am organizing a Halloween Costume Contest! In this Contest, you have to ( with help of the New October´s Penguin Style Catalog ) turn your Penguin on the Most Terrific Halloween Costume! For this, with the help of any Clothe you want, customize your Penguin, and then take it a Photo and send it to  I will stop receiving Submissions on October 20. You decide what costume you will submit! All the Sumbissions will be shown here in the Blog, and our Visitants will decide what is the Most Original, the Most Creative, and the Most Spooky in Polls! These are the Prizes that the 1st Place in each category will win:


1.- Your Penguin will appear here on the Blog!
2.- I will put a link to your Blog in the Winner Post! ( If you have one )
3.- I will add you to my Blogroll
4.- Your Banner will appear forever at the Banner´s Page! ( If you have one )
5.- You will receive a Special Certificate to your Penguin E-mail! (Optional )

If you can´t send me your Submission to my Penguin E-mail ( ) send me the URL of your Submission in a Comment. Good Luck to all!