Friday, October 8, 2010

Numbers ( Part 4 )

"I really need to talk with Jerry", Jasper thought. Meanwhile, on other part of the City, I was taking my dog to the Park, walking slowly and taking photos with my camera. But then, suddenly, my dog "Spots" started to get a little anxious by something...  then he started to Bark loudly as we where getting closer to a really weird bench. But when we where just in front of the bench, Spots got really anxious... I felt the same feeling that I experienced at the School.  But that chair had something special, and I decided to take it a Photo with my Camera. But when I was just to take it a photo, I got paralized when I saw my Camera´s screen. There, on the screen, a man with a Black Jacket, sunglasses and a hat was sitting at the bench. When I turned to see the bench, there was no one there! I saw again my Camera´s screen, and I saw that this time the Man was smiling at me. Terrorized, I ran out across all the Park between Trees, plants and people. At the same time I was seeing my Camera´s screen, and there, on the screen, where even more Men of Black clothes on the Park. Full of Panic, I stopped at the Corner of the Street, and I saw again the Screen. There I saw more strange men on all the Street, at the Park, in the Stores...
- They are everywhere... - I said, frightened.
                                                                                                                                  Made by Je45rry
( Part 5 coming soon )