Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Numbers ( Part 11 )

Then we saw them.
There, at the other side of the Hallway, three of those weird men have entered the School. But this time they where different. Their faces seemed furious. The Mister Frank, Jasper and I couldn't move.
- We have to get out of here - Jasper said quietly.
In that moment, the man that was at the Center of the other two saw Jasper. Then looked him seriously. In that moment, Jasper's clock crashed into pieces with a big force that his arm moved apart.
 - RUN!!! - I said
Jasper and I started running, leaving Mister Frank beyond, hearing the other Students screams. When we just passed the Principal door, its glass exploded into pieces that went in all directions.
There we noticed that they where following us.
We tried to run faster. When I turned my head back to see, I saw those three men coming to us. When we arrived to the School's Parking lot, we tried to run even more fast. Just when we passed a Car we listened that it exploded at the same form as Jasper's clock and as the Door. We ran through all the cars, hearing the explosion of the one that we just passed. When we almost reached the Street, we saw a Taxi passing by, and Jasper shouted:
- Taxi!!! Stop please!!!
And it stopped. When we reached it, we get in really fast, and the Taxi Driver, like knowing what to do by the things that he just saw and our emotions, he right away got out of there. When I turned back, the men where seeing us, even more furious.
- Someone can explain what's happening?!? - the Taxi driver said
But nor Jasper or me knew the answer.


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  2. I created it with Banner Snack (the Banner has a link to it) and I put special effects :D

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