Tuesday, September 28, 2010

October Sneak Peek and Announcement!

Hello! Today Billybob telled us on the Club Penguin Community Blog about what´s coming in Ocotober. Here is what he said:

September is coming to a close, which means October is around the corner... and that means Halloween is coming!
Before the island's spooky celebrations can begin, you'll need to prepare. Here's some of the cool stuff to look forward to:
-. Halloween costumes! Look for new and old favorites in the Penguin Style catalog early this month
-. Halloween Igloo Contest - decorators should look out for a new contest starting October 15.
-. Stamps - earn new stamps for your collections this month.
-. Club Penguin's 5th Anniversary Party - the island turns 5 years old on October 24!
-. The island's annual Halloween Party - including a new member maze called the "Dark Chamber"!

Sounds interesting, right? That "Dark Chamber" sounds creepy... Also, very soon I will give you the first C.P.I. ( Club Penguin Info ) Assignment. This C.P.I. Assignment will be about a GLOBAL Investigation. For this, I need all the help from ALL the visitants of this blog so the result can be really good. Later I will tell you what does this C.P.I. Assignment will be about. See you later!


  1. there is a new treasure book please give me credit

    thanks jasfriend1

  2. Thanks but there´s no cheats in there...