Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Fair is here!

Hello! I am really sorry, I know that I am very late. So, this is a resume. Well, the fair is here and Rockhopper also! In this fair you can earn tickets by playing games to get Free Prizes! Let´s see the Town... in my opinion it is really good decorated! Now let´s go to the Beach. There´s Rockhopper´s ship! Let´s see the Rare Items Catalog:

If you want to see the Rare Items Catalog just click here! The Free item is the Magicain´s Hat, but actually you need to get all the Magician Clothes to make the Special Move. Well, as you may know, there are two new stamps on the Party section. ( also there are others, sorry, I couldn´t post about it ) The SNACK SHACK and the TARGET CHAMPION stamps. To get the Snack Shack stamp, just stand on a Food place and click and icon that means food.

Now, I am thinking that maybe you don´t know how to get the Target Champion stamp. Mayeb you have tried throing Snowballs, but that doesn´t works. You have to go to the Feed - a - Puffle game ( that is located at the Fair ) make 50 Puffles eat what you are throwing and you will get the Stamp! See you later!

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