Monday, September 6, 2010

Fun with Friends: Octa4208

Hello! Guess what? Yesterday I went to Octa4208´s Anniversary Party! He celebrated the 1st year of his Blog, created on September 5, 2009. So, obviously, he made a Party. And I went! It was very funny!
I met him at the Mountain, and we started to dance near the Snow Cone Shop.

Then we went to the Iceberg for a Giant Slide! This is one of my favorite places in all the Island during the Fair.

After that we went to the Lighthouse to play some music! I don´t have any instrument available so I tooted :D

Then we went to Rockhopper´s Ship to dance! There I met more famous penguins like Krexito and other ones!

After that we went to the Coffee Shop. This is the sweetest place I have ever seen XD

Then we went to Octa4208´s iggy. ( Sorry I didn´t taked photos of that ) Also, he added me to his Buddy list. When we where dancing at Octa4208´s iggy, I had to go. But I had fun! Please visit Octa4208´s Blog. I have to mention that his webpage is in Spanish. See you later!

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