Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Story Contest!

Hello! Guess what? I am organizing my 1st Story Contest! These are Important points:

- If you want to participate, create a Story ( ATTENTION: It have to be a NEW story. It can be of Club Penguin or real world. It will be "patented" as yours. )
- Then, send it to my penguin e-mail: je45rry@hotmail.com  If you can´t send it by e-mail, send it by parts in comments!
- I will read your story and publish it in the blog for the Final Poll, in which all ( except the Participants ) can vote.
- I will stop receiving stories on September 14.

All participants will get a Prize! All the stories that I receive will published forever on a Future NEW Page! ( a Blog´s future new section ) But each story ( depending if it won 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, etc. ) will be published by different orders. But only the Participant that wins the 1st place will receive a Special Certificate to his/her penguin e-mail! To enter the contest, send me a comment with the following info:

Penguin name:
URL of your blog ( if you have one )
Penguin e-mail ( not your REAL e-mail ! )

Good Luck to all!

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