Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earth Day Party 2011 here!

Hello penguins! As you may know, the most important thing that is happening in CP right now is: Earth Day Party 2011! Yeah! As you know, these party is made by one reason: to have fun learning how to protect our planet Earth! Club Penguin is really happy to announce that these party will help the environment of different places, such as Africa. CP has focused in Africa's animals ( most of Africa's animals are endangered ) Everyone knows that Africa is a continent really awesome by its nature, which has a really big amount of animal and vegetal species. Well, not only in Africa are many species, as you may know. There are many countries in the World that are named "Megadiverse" because they contain very special nature. Countries like Madagascar, Sudafrica, Mexico, USA, Brasil, China, India, Malasia, and Australia are Megadiverse. There are some other megadiverse countries in the World, and each one of those countries is really special. But many of these countries contain endangered animals. That's CP purpose, to protect those endangered animals. Maybe this sounds some kind of boring to you, but it is important info :) Well, let's continue...

As you may know, the color that represents Nature is: green!!! Why green? Because most of plants' leaves are green. That's why the Club Penguin's Town is painted in green. In my opinion, painting the Town in green was a really good detail. If you start looking around the Island, you will see that some rooms have been changed to appear the most environment - friendly possible. Places like the Dock, Snow Forts, Plaza, Forest and Town are now environment - friendly. And if you can notice, in the Dock and the Snow Forts are some posters. They give you information about a certain animal and offers you to buy a costume that will support that animal's environment! And if you can see, the Snow Forts has been changed to seem a Snow Leopard's habitat. And that is the animal they are going to help if you buy a costume by $50. Also the Dock has been changed to seem an Africa Painted Dog's habitat. You can also buy its costume by $50. Only members can buy these costumes :( Well, here are some places I recommend you to visit:

- Dock
- Forest
- Town
- Plaza ( special video! )
- Snow Forts
- Recycling Plant
- Rockhopper's Ship ( yes, he is here! )

In other news, I have been thinking in my new future CPI story. I have a great idea for one story, I can't wait to post the first part! It will be a little different from my other stories, because this time YOU are going to experience another person's life in a, well, in a journal... Thanks for reading and remember to do your best to protect the planet so we can keep it green! Thanks again and see you later in Club Penguin!

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