Monday, July 26, 2010

Stamp Party!!!!

Hello Penguins! I have decided to organize a Party to have fun and also earn the Stamps that need Many Friends such as:
1.- Igloo Party ( Throw an Igloo Party for 10 Penguins!)
2.- Dance Party ( Party in the Night Club with 10 Penguins!)
3.- Floor Filler ( Dance in the Night Club with 25 Penguins!)
4.- Play it Loud ( Form a Full Band at the Lighthouse)
5.- Berg Drill ( Dance with 30 Penguin wearing Hard Hats at the Berg)
6.- Fort Battle ( Throw Snow at the Forts with 5 Penguins at the Same Color)
7.- Ninja Meeting ( Meet 10 Black Belts in the Ninja Hideout)
We will have TONS of Fun! Be sure to come, I will be waiting you!!!


  1. Cant wait to come!!

  2. How did you turn your picture of this into a button? It obviously wasn't made with

  3. It´s very simple! When you re adding a Gadget to your blog ( In the DESIGN Page )choose the Picture Gadget. There says if you want to link your Picture. I linked it to this Post!