Thursday, July 29, 2010

Posting Delay...

Hello Penguins! I have an important announcement to do:

Because some of my classes begin Next Monday ( August 2 ) maybe I will delay on posting, and I willl be offline in Cp. Don´t worry, I will still be online Mornings and some of the Afternoon.
But Starting August 23 I will be offline almost all day , some days. 
These are the Days that I will be online:
- Mondays
- Wednesdays
- Fridays
- Saturdays
These aren´t  the only days I will be online, they are only the ones who have the most probability. I will try to be online the other days if I can. Oh, and remeber that today is Davidhopper2´s party! Don´t forget to come!


  1. aww
    I dunno how 2do the paint thing!!!
    Howd u do a pic of ur pengy on it!!!