Friday, July 2, 2010

Let´s Help!

Hello Penguins! I have bad news... As you may know, Hurricane "Alex" has destroyed houses, transformed Avenues into Rivers and letting Very Poor people without their simple and poor houses. If you didn´t know it, my city is one of the Most affected. Now that people doesn´t have house, food, clothes; and also they have losted all the things they have. Is really important to help that people in need. This are the ways you can help:
- Brind water
- Brind food
- Brind clothes
- And, if you want, brind medicines and toys for those kids that need them.
Only think one moment, if you were one of those people you would really want someone to help you. If you can donate something, donate it.
Oh, and I am sorry for the contest- posting delay. I run out of Internet almost all day until night.

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