Sunday, August 15, 2010

Secret Entrance at Mountain!

Hello! Have you already entered the Mountain´s secret room? No? So, pay attention to the next instructions!

1.- First you have to go to the room with the ox and the trunk. Then, you will see a gem rock glowing at the down- right part of the screen.

2.- Click it. It will move, opening a secret entrance. Then, enter there. You will be at the Mountain´s secret room! In this room you will find a box, a Ship and Club Penguin´s prehistoric animals.

The Mountain Expedition will stay here until August 17. In other news, guess what? The blog will have a New Name really soon! Wait for it TOMORROW! IMPORTANT: The 200 Posts Party is changed to TUESDAY to 7.30 A.M. PST. Hope you can come with this changes.