Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Clothing Catalog!

Hello! Club Penguin has released the awesome new August Clothing Catalog! This are the Secrets:

1.- Click on the top of the First Mountain to get the "Green Hiking Boots" for $325
2.- Click on the top of the 5th Tree to get the "Blue Duck" for $50
3.- Click the Green Penguin´s Foot to get the "Lasso" for $150
4.- Click the Brown Penguin´s eyes to get the Mountain Gear for $550 and the Hiking Boots for $325

And, if you use the Blue Dock and swim, you will get your "Go Swimming" Stamp! These are the Prices of all the Items ( not counting the secrets one ):

1.- Supply Bag: $350
2.- Blue Climbing Rope: $150
3.- Yellow Expedition Jacket: $500
4.- Yellow Climbing Helmet: $300
5.- Blue Expedition Jacket: $500
6.- Red Hiking Shoes: $200
7.- Khaki Expedition Jacket: $450
8.- Hiking Expedition Jacket: $300
9.- Yellow Hiking Shoes: $200

I got a Special Hiking Expedition Jacket for free by the DS Game "Herbert´s Revenge" for free! If you have the game you can get Free Items, maybe you can use them for the Mountain Expedition! See you later!

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  1. Thanks for the cheats Je45rry! I wanted to get the rubber duck so I can get the stamp! :D