Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blogger´s 11th Anniversary!

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Hello Penguins! Today Blogger began his 11 years! This means that today is Blogger´s 11 anniversary! You can look for more info at Blogger Buzz! Blogger plans to make a party, but it is Kinda insecure for Club Penguin Bloggers like us, so just Congratulate other bloggers! Here is some info:

-Last year, Blogger turned ten. We were excited to present you with a (small-but-mighty) bounty of gifts, a token to commemorate all of your contributions over the years.

Now we’re a year older (and would like to think a bit wiser), have some great features under our belt and are ready for another celebration with you, our closest friends. For Blogger’s 11th birthday, we’re hosting the first ever Blogger global birthday party!-

So, congratulations to all Bloggers!!! In other news, do you like my first animation picture? Send a comment with your opinion! See you later!

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