Wednesday, August 25, 2010

School help!

Hello! As you may know, School clases has began ( well, maybe for someones do not but they will soon began ), and Posting has been or will be delayed. As you may know, having a Blog needs many responsability, but also school does. So, I have decided to make something for you: I will be organizing special weeks, like the "Mystery Week", or the "History Week" and things like that. I hope that this will help you in your School work, because sometimes you can learn something there. I will be making a week when I want to, but the most probable is that I will be doing one per month. This weeks will have a big variety of things, like Videos, Biographies, works, etc.! On these Special Weeks, I will try to post on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, until we have completed 7 Days. And right now we have began the "Music Week"!!! Today I will show you a video! I recommend you to wait until it is Completely charged, so it will not have to stop every 1 minute. Also, TURN ON THE VOLUME!!! This video is really good, but without music it does´nt appreciates too much. Well, here it is! ( See the down part of the Post to see the Video´s info )

                                                                SILLY SHYMPHONY, MUSIC LAND

Where trees are Chellos, words are notes, persons are instruments, jails are Cronomethers and Ships are Xilophones, a Trombone falls in love with a Violin. But there´s a problem: They live in different islands, and they aren´t permitted to be with the ones of the other Island. In secret, they see each other. But when the Trombone is captured, he sents his island a Rescue Note. The Island of Jazz begins with a Note war! The Symhony Island responds to the attack. What will happen with each island? They will be on peace or both Islands will be destroyed??? To discover it, see the video! If you can see the video correctly, click here! See you later!!!