Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Artwork Contest!

Hello! I am organizing another Contest! But this will be a contest a little different: it is an Artwork Contest! Yes! In this contest you can practice your artist skills to win! These are the rules:

1.- You can make everything what you want: a picture, a model, or something else!
2.- It can´t be an offensive artwork, if it does you can be eliminated!
3.- You can use all the material you want, but be careful!
4.- Be sure the materials aren´t toxic!

I will give you one and a half week to make the artwork ( the last day to send me your Artwork will be August 20 ) Once you have finished it, take it a photo ( be sure nothing else appears on the photo ) or scan it and then send it to: or put your image somewhere in the web and send me the URL!

These are the prizes:

1.- You will be the Penguin of the Week!
2.- You will appear at the blog!
3.- I will link to your blog!
4.- Your banner ( if you have one ) will stay forever at the Banners page!
5.- You will receive a special certificate to your penguin e- mail!

If you think another prize can be added tell me! The winner artwork will be decided in a Poll. Good Luck to everybody!

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