Monday, August 16, 2010

Field Op #10!

Hello penguins! Today Club Penguin released the Field- Op number 10! This means that the Field- Ops now have their first docen of editions! This are the steps to follow to complete it:

1.- First of all, go to the E.P.F. Command Room to receive G´s orders:

We have a situation: someone has tampered with the streamer in the Coffee Shop. It´s turned to dangerous levels!
Go there, and power a new safety override for the streamer. Make sure all the citizens are safe. You must hurry!

 2.- Now, click "Accept Field- Op" and go to the Coffee Shop. There, you will see that the streamer is releasing smoke. Stand Near it and your Spy Phone will began to ring.

 3.- Now, click your Spy Phone. We have done this Field- Op before. You have to charge all the circuits without getting harm by those things. If you lose all of your energy, you will lose!

If you complete the field- op you will receive another E.P.F. Medal! Good work! In other things, sorry but I forgot to mention the 200 Posts Party meeting place. We will meet at the Iceberg. See you later!

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