Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The "Best Penguins Awards 2010" finish!

Hello again! As you may know, yesterday was the last day of the "Best Penguins Awards 2010"! So, I have the answer of the poll: "What differences Loulou11207 the most?"! So, the voters decided, and Loulou11207 is then MOST ORIGINAL!!! Congratulations, Lou! This category is one of the Most representative! Here is your Trophy- Certificate ( I don´t know your penguin e- mail so I decided to show it at this post!)

And I also have Pips4lucy´s one by winning the Category of "Best Clothes" ( I also don´t know your penguin e- mail)

Thanks to all who participated on the First edition of the "Best Penguins Awards", and congratulations!!!

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