Thursday, August 19, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Furniture Sneak Peek! ( Updated!! )

                                                      NEW FURNITURE NOW AVAILABLE
 Hello Penguins! Guess what? I have made just for you a Sneak Peek of the REALLY soon New Furniture Catalog. Here it is:

I made them like in 13 min.! Hope you like it! I will post more furniture sneak- peeks if I can.Remember that if you want to post this Image in your blog, please tell me before, and if I say yes, you can take it! But remember to give me the credit. If you stole this without permission, you will be catch, so don´t stole. See you later!


  1. Can I use this for my Blog???

    I will give you Credit!!!

  2. I would give say yes, but the new furniture is NOW AVAILBLE...

  3. Oh, in that case, of course you can use it, Davidhopper2!