Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Furniture and Igloo Catalogs!

Hello Penguins! Today Club Penguin released a New Furniture Catalog and a new Igloo Catalog. So the Sneak Peeks I made didn´t stay too much... I know I am delayed with this, but I wasn´t at home... Well, in this New Furniture Catalog you can see that you can CREATE your own Furniture! This is a new application!

This is the ONLY secret  at the New Furniture catalog:

- Click the top circle at the Modern Art item, and you can get a Climbing Wall for $1000.

Now, this are the Awesome NEW Igloos at the New Igloo Catalog:

1.- Cozy Cottage igloo for $2500.
2.- Gym for $4800.

Now, the only cheat of this new igloos is the next one:

- Click the Gym´s Igloo Lights that are in  the ceiling, and you can get a Pumpkin Igloo for $2700.

 The Cozy Cottage igloo is really awesome, but it is a little small... Well, hope you liked this new Catalogs! Also, there are new Music that you can put in your igloo:

- You Rock!
- The Ringmaster
- For Great Justice

If you want to participate in my Artwork Contest , send meyour Artwork as soon as you can, because TOMORROW I will stop receiving submissions!


  1. So you want to be Penguin Of The Month I see!!

    The Html to the banner is..Im still working on it!!

    Check back soon!!!

    Leave a comment telling us what you want to win Blog Penguin or Igloo

    At my website

  2. Ok I will anounce the Winners but 1st I need penguins to Comment telling me what they want to be??? I posted it late so penguins are sleeping so Also remember you are know the 1swt penguin blog on my blogroll!!!

    I will post the winners

    so check back

    and leave a comment you do realize you could even be the penguin of the month well see just follow rules

    comment my site

  3. ok Get your igloo ready

  4. Jerry! Mammoth is full go on winterland snow forts!

  5. Can I be the penguin of the week this week! Also did you send the HTMLs to me. Please let me know ASAP!
    - Chuckyb13

  6. Hmmm.. Maybe you should check the furniture cheats again... theres alot more than one.