Sunday, March 20, 2011

4522912 ( Part 10 )

Day 4 

 In Seattle's Communication Center:

- Sir - said an employee, nervous
- What happens, Stan? - said the manager.
- Sir, we have detected unusual telephone activity... - said Stan - very unusual... -
- Unusual Telephone activity? How that possible, Stan? In the many years I have been working here in Seattle's communication center no one have detected unusual activity. What's going on? - 
With more nervousism than before, Stan led the manager, James, to the Activity Control Room. Seattle's Communication Center was made to control all the communication sources in the city, including TV, Radio, Telephones, and more. Stan showed James the stats of recent Telephone activity in the City ( how many calls where given, who called, etc. ) through a giant screen. 

James was really suprised.
The stats showed a big amount of Telephone activity. The stat´s lines where up and down, up and down. They where like zig - zags. James had never saw something like that before. Before, the lines where blue, but now they where red. 

- How did the lines changed color, Stan??? -
- We don't know, Sir... the stats where designed to only show lines in blue! - 
- I see... - said James, the manager - and Stan, can I make you a question ? - he asked.
- Of course. What is it? - 
- Who is causing all this weird Telephone activity? - 
- According to my computer, it is from a number "4522912", sir - 
- Let's use the Telephone number finder, ok? It will show us in what place the calls have been made - said James with a smile
- All right, sir -
They typed in the Telephone finder: 4522912. Then they clicked "Search" The finder started to localize, but when it finished it said:

Unidentified and Unkown Number

- Stan, are you sure that it is the correct number? - asked James
- Yes, sir... here it says "4522912" in my computer... - 
- But, how can someone call to other person from a Telephone number that doesn't exists!?! -  
Stan was completely confused. He was sure that the Number was 4522912.
-  I... I don't know, sir - he said, embarrased.
- Stan, to who did "4522912" called? - said James, sarcastic but at the same time, confused.
Stan showed James the number. Then he said:
- Should we try to localize them, sir? - 
- Yes, Stan. Let's see if they can provide some information - said James.
- Then we call the police - say Stan.

Everyone smiled.

Then James pressed "Search".

In other part of the city:

- Jerry? - said Steve.
It was the fourth day already. Jerry and Steve where very excited, because it mean that after the day of tomorrow, ( Day 5 ) the would be free.
Steve and Jerry where in the park that was near Jerry's house. Though it was a cloudy day, they wanted to go there because there the possibility of an attack was lower, and there where witnesses. 
- Jerry? - repeated Steve.
- What? - said Jerry.
- Jerry, all this things that have been happening have made me think about something... Maybe the Police knows the possible existence of a Number that calls, you know, that - Steve said. 
- That if the police knows? Hmm, that's probably... but I think that they can't do too much to stop the calls to "4522912".... don't you think? - 
Steve agreed.
- Anyway, we almost complete the 5 days. Only today and tomorrow are left - said Jerry with a smile.
- Jerry, I'm sorry... - said Steve.
- About what? - 
- About calling "4522912". I should be never called. I'm sorry about getting you in this problem. I'm sorry... - 
Jerry saw Steve with a smile. Then he said:
- Dont'w worry about that, Steve - 
In that moment, Jerry's cellphone was turning on itself, in his House.
- The good thing is that we are OK - said Steve
Jerry's cellphone began clicking itself. It was now in the Contact's list.
- Yeah, I think so - answered Jerry.
When it reached "Mom" contact in the list, the cellphone turned red, like happy by something. 
- Well, I don't think that "you know who" will try something today. It seems so peaceful here... - said Steve.

He was wrong.

Jerry's cellphone clicked "Call Mom" in the Contact's list. 
Meanwhile, Jerry's mom was in his job. Then she heard his Cellphone ringing. But she became confused when she saw it. 

His cellphone was ringing, but in red color.

- Curious, I don't remember that I modified the light color - she said, as the same time she taked the Phone. 
- Hello? - she asked. 
Then she heard it again. 
- Hello? - she repeated 
Then she heard his son's voice. Jerry's voice, though he wasn't.
- Hi mom - 
- Oh, hi dear - said Jerry's mom - Jerry, why I am hearing you with too much static? - she asked
- Oh, that static... don't WoRry AbOUt that, mom... - 
In that moment, she became feared. When she heard the words "worry about" the voice seemed to be distorted, and turned to a deep and scary voice.
- Ok... Jerry, it's everything right? - she asked
- Of CouRsE, mom, EVerYtHing is right - 
Though the static and the big change of voice, it seemed to be happy and calm.

Something was wrong.

- Jerry, I'm going house right now, ok? - she said, feared.
- I'm GlAd to hear that, Mom. See yOu here - 
The voice seemed to be really glad. That was alarmant to Jerry's mom.
In the way, she was thinking, worried:
<<What if he wasn't Jerry??>>
<< What if someone kidnapped Jerry?!? Oh my god!! >>
She was incredibly fast, like at 100 km/hour. Obviosuly, she attracted the attention of everyone. 

But ( you know who ) had everything prepared. 
Jerry's phone started searching "Steve" in the Contact List. When it founded him, it clicked Call by itself.

The Cellphone was being controlled by 4522912.

Steve heard his Cellphone ringing. 
- Jerry, you have to see this - said Steve.
- What is it? - answered Jerry.
- Are you calling me? - 
- No, I don't have my Cellphone, it's on my house - 
- In that case, why my Cellphone is receiving a call of yours??? - 

Meanwhile, the Police was in way to Jerry's house, because the Communication Center localized his house, and they called the Police just as they said. But then, they saw something that attracted their attention.
- Oh gosh, that car is going to 100 km/hour!!! -
- We have to stop it! - 
They began to chase the car, which driver was Jerry's mom.

Jerry and Steve couldn't believe what they where seeing.
- Oh my, someone has my cellphone! I have to go to my house to see! - said Jerry, worried.
- No, Jerry! - said Steve
- Why not? - 
- What if it is another trap from "you know who"? - 
Jerry thought a little about that possibility, but then he said.
- It doesn't matters, I have to go to my house! - 
He ran through the Street, hearing Steve screaming.
- Jerry! No! Come back, please! - 
But when Jerry was at the middle of the street, something pulled him down. He tried to get up, but he couldn't. Something invisible was grasping him, so he couldn't get up and go.

- Stop!! - said one of the Polices to Jerry's mom, that was in the car
Then they turned on their police lights and the siren. 
Jerry's mom was about to arrive to her house, without knowing that, his son was at the middle of the street!
Steve saw that Jerry's mom was in her car really fast and in Jerry's direction. He ran as fast as he could to him.
- Jerry!!! Get out of here! - he screamed, in panic
- I can't! - Jerry answered
Jerry's mom was about to run over his son!
Jerry tried to get out of the Street, but the invisible thing was still grasping him in one of his feet. But just before Jerry's mom could run over him by accident, he removed his feet from the shoe, and once he did, Steve and him ran to the sidewalk, just in time the car passed by, totally crushing the shoe Jerry left there, in the street.
- Jerry! Oh my god, are you ok?!? - Jerry's mom screamed when she get out of the car.
The police applied a fine to Jerry's mom because she completely exceed the velocity. The Police decided to make the interview about the number #4522912 other day, because everyone where really excited about what just happened.
Jerry, Steve and her mom talked about what was happening. Finally, Jerry told his mom everything about the day Steve called #4522912, and everything else that happened since that day.

Now, after they experimented all the things that happened that day, they knew something very clear:
Tomorrow, it will be really hard to survive.

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