Monday, March 28, 2011

April Fools party here!

Hello penguins! I know I'm late in this post, but it's better late than never! Club Penguin has released the April Fool's party, and everyone is really happy and silly! The complete Island has turned to a really funny place, in almost every room you go you will find something funny and different, specially boxes! Here are the places I totally recommend you to visit:

- Town
- Beach
- Snow Forts
- Cove
- Mine Shack ( new pin! )
- Mine
- Dance Lounge ( renovated and new game! )
- Cave
- Box Dimension

In the Box Dimension, you can't loose the new dimensions that are there! To enter the box dimension, you may go to the Snow Forts and start your Scavenger Hunt. Every dimension has its quality, and you will be surely surprised as you visit all of them. I can't enter the dimensions because I'm not a member, but if you are a member you have to visit every single dimension there! In my opinion, the perfect place to do a party during this party is at the "Stair dimension" because it's so funny and confusing! Here are all the available dimensions right now:

- Stair Dimension
- Barrel Dimension
- Ice Cream Dimension
- Silly Hat Dimension
- Space Dimension
- Dessert Dimension
- Pencil Dimension

In each dimension you will find a scavenger hunt item, but in some dimensions you will have to reaalize a mini-game to find the item. Once you collect all the items, you will be able to pass the locked door in the Box Dimension's center. Also, you will win a Box Costume and will be able to enter a special dimension, where you will be able to get 2 free items. And don't forget to have a great time with your friends during this party, it's the perfect time to enjoy the fun! Thanks for reading and see you later!

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