Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Puffle's Curious Facts!

Hello everyone! Today I decided to make this post to make you know some of the most interesting and curious facts about our great furry mascots, the Puffles! Everyone knows what Puffles are: furry rounded animals that live in Club Penguin Island's Wilderness, but now some of them are domestic; that means they live in igloos as mascots. Before, Puffles wheren't known in Club Penguin, but during a Christmas Party some penguins spotted Puffles in the Snow Forts, and several other places. After that, we decided to take care of them, giving them home, food, and the most special thing: love. That's why everyone loves Puffles. And today, I will reveal some curious facts about Puffles, as I said in the beggining of the post. ( Before reading this, please read my blog's page All about Puffles! There you will find each puffle's qualities ) Here they are:

 - Fact #1: Did you know that there are different kinds of Puffles?
I do! Before, penguins thought that there was only 3 kinds of Puffles, pink, blue and red. But with the past of the years, more and more kind of Puffles where being discovered, each one in a different way and time. But, how can I differentiate kinds of Puffles? Easy! They are classified by colors! And each color has it own ability. For example, Orange Puffles are different of Black Puffles because they are zany and curious, while Black Puffles are serious and extreme. Also, Orange Puffles can ride trucks, and Black ones can ride skateboarders. Every penguin color has its own personality, though each single puffle is special. Penguins give their puffles a name when they adopt them, and they take care of them, give them a ride through the Island and many other funny things like that. By the moment, 10 different kind of Puffles have been discovered ( the most recent one is the Brown Puffle )

- Fact #2: How did the Green Puffle arrived to the Night Club?
Hmmm... this is a question that only a few people have answered. It is a question, that a few people have asked theirselves! This question makes you really think how did the Green Puffle arrived there. Well, let me explain you: Green Puffles are always energetic and playful, so they explore many parts of the Island, sometimes with their rollercap. Now, let me tell you something: The Green Puffle that is at the Night Club was involved in a big mystery that taked place some years ago. Before, penguins thought that the Boiler Room was haunted by a rare kind of "keeper" during nights. Only workers could enter there, but one night, a penguin named RodgerRodger stayed there by a "dare" game of a friend, DanieID. But guess what he found there? Instead of the mysterious and terrorific "keeper" of the Boiler Room, he found a green puffle! Yeah! So he decided to take it to the Dance Club. And that's how it arrived there. Awesome! Special Note: It is a female that is afraid of the dark! Click here to see the proof!

- Fact #3: Who is the Yellow Puffle at the Stage?
I'm sure that everyone has seen at least one time the Yellow Puffle that have been rounding in the Stage since its opening. As you know, Yellow puffles are artistic and espontaneous, which means that the Stage is the perfect place for a Yellow puffle because it is a place of art. Sometimes, to see it you have to wait some minutes, and in other ones, you have to make it appear clicking buttons in the "Switchbox 3000" It will always surrise you. But, who is it? According to some info, the Yellow Puffle was seen for first time during the Stage Construction's, and when it was finished it stayed there, I think that becuase he liked it. Now, it is still there, making surpises for actors and public that are there. You can remember in the PSA Mission "Clockwork Repairs" that we had to make a song in the piano to make him appear? Is him! And I think that it will be in the Stage forever.

- Fact #4: Why does Black Puffles are always angry?
This is one of the most frecuently questions that penguins make theirselves when they are looking a Black Puffle. As you know, Black Puffles are strong and silent. This means that they don't make so many expressions with their face or body, because it is always serious. But, why? According to investigations, Black Puffles aren't angry all the time. Sometimes, they are "happy", just like when they eat a "hot sauce puffle - o", and they get extreme hot, and they could be dangerous because they melt ice rapidly. In PSA Missions, appears a specia Black Puffle in the Wilderness. Can you remember it? And, it showed to be friendly after we gave him something to eat ( a puffle - o ) and after that he become our friend. This shows that not all Black Puffles are serious or angry, some of them are normal happy puffles, or at least friendly. But they have also showed to be incredibly disciplinated, just like the case of Flare, the EPF Black Puffle agent.

- Fact #5: Are Brown Puffles more than they seem?
Well, this is a question that many penguins thought when Probot's return was coincidence of the discovery of the Brown Puffles in that cave during the Expedition Party this year. As everyone knows, Brown puffles are super - smart and inventive, and in the cave appeared many machines and math operations like " e=mc2 " ;so this means that they can repair anything, right? Even something really big and evil like, Probot? That is what many EPF Agents thought when Probot returned. Brown Puffles lived in that cave for years, and when we discovered them, we soon adopted many of them. Though Herbert said that HE repaired Probot, he must had help, maybe from the Brown Puffles ; because they are perfect repairing things. But, if this is real, I hope that Brown Puffles didn't knew that their where helping an enemy. The mystery of the Brown Puffles will continue unexplainable for now, I think.

Thanks for reading this, and please send me your opinion about all this interesting facts. Thanks again and see you later in Club Penguin Island, having fun with your Puffles! :D