Saturday, May 21, 2011

Medieval Party here!

Hello penguins! Guess what? The Medieval Party 2011 has been released! Everyone is really excited and happy because we waited for it like 2 weeks ago! Now it's here, and it's time to celebrate! This post will talk about the medieval party, places and rooms, special things and other events! To start, everyone knows that when Club Penguin has a party going on, almost every room gets decorated, even completely changed, according to the Party's theme; in this case, Medieval things. The Island has been decorated with lights, old artifacts and cool new things that makes this party one of the most funny, interesting and awesome one. And as you may know, everyone wants this party very much because it makes us return to those old and special times when people where knights and princesses. Now, the first place you will go when you log - in the CP page will probably be the Town, as usual. You can notice how it is completely changed? The stores have another look and appearance, even the "Night Club" name has been changed to "Club Real" Nice! Also, the Plaza has been changed completely. Here is a list about the places I most recomend you to go:

- Mine Shack
- Mine
- Town
- Plaza
- Recyclying Plant ( very good remodelation! )
- Pizza Parlor
- Stadium
- Lighthouse ( free item! )
- Third quest ( new! )
- Forest
- Stage ( new play! )

Oh, the Third Quest! Yes! This is one of the principal attractions of the party. You can find it at the Underground Cave. I'm sorry but I can't give you images for this event because I'm not member, ( UPDATE, Now I can ) but I can tell you that it has many challenges, one if it you will have to challenge 3 dragons; each one of different colors. Through the way, you will find free items, and when you get to the quest end you will get a special free item! Also, a new play is taking place at the Stage, "Underwater Adventure", where you can get a special pin. Do you like this party? I do! I specially like the Pizza Parlor, becuase it is SO fancy and medieval, and it's awesome. The free item you can find in the lighthouse is a Magician's hat, similar of the magician's hat of the Halloween Party of last year. But many people have been reporting Bug and connection problems to Club Penguin, so please be patient if a bug appears to you. The Club Penguin Team might fix it soon :) Now, here are the Walkthrough of the Quest #3!:

- Challenge #1: Uncover the Correct Color Gems!

Welcome, brave knight ( or princess ) to the Quest #3, the hardest Medieval Quest ever made until this time. You will have to pass #3 challenges if you want victory. But be careful, you don't know what kind of surprises you could face through the way. This is Challenge #1. Here, you will have to observe the gems, then choose the place where do you think is the gem color the computer gaves you. You will have to answer correct three times correct, but if you answer incorrect, it will not count! Oh, I see you noticed the locked door at the right of the Picture! Let me tell you: If you don't answer correct all the questions, that door will not open, and you will not able to pass to Challenge #2. But if you are lucky and win this challenge, it will open and you will be able to get pass through it! But, what's next? Here it is:

- Challenge #2: Make it to the Other Side!

Oh, look, some kind of bridges! In each bridge you can see taht is some kind of buttons of different colors: Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. Here, you will have to walk in the correct order clicking the correct color buttons so you can pass to the next ( and last ) challenge; passing by that door you see in the right! As you walk, obstacles will appear and you will have to find the way out of those obstacles. This is the color order you have to follow to pass this challenge correctly, passing all the obstacles that could appear:
- Red
- Blue
- Yellow
Then, just walk to the door, and you will be in a new mysterious place, that is very important. Oh, but just remember to take the free item!

- Challenge #3: Defeat the Hydra!

Before you get in this place, you will have to pass through a room in bridges, and as you walk some pictures will light on, so you can see them. You can get a free item here! The pictures tell you how to defeat the Hydras:
- Yellow Dragon: With the free item the attacks will bounce to itself.
- Blue Dragon: Throw Snowballs to its fire.
- Red Dragon: Throw Snowballs to its Mouth.
Now, let's enter the cave! Hmm... there's no Hydra here! There is only a bridge that let me to the other side. Wait a second! The Hydra!!! You will have to follow the Instructions that you read some seconds ago, and once you defeat the 3 dragons, you will able to pass the Challenge! But, be careful! Each dragon has a special power that could harm you, so be quick each time it is going to attack. Now, once you win, will have to pass through a rock bridge to the other cave!

- Quest #3 Royal Room!

Yay! You finished the Quest, and you are a great knight ( or princess )! Here you can find gold plates, cups, a royal dinner, and thrones! Make sure you take the Free final item, you really deserve it! Here you can have party with your friends, and you can have royal fun together! You go out by the exit door at the end. But don't worry! You will not have to do all the Quest again! You will be able to pass the doors anytime you want! Congratulations brave penguin, and have fun this great Medieval Party! Oh, and don't forget to explore Quest #1 and #2 for more fun!

Special thanks to my friend Sevalbar for helping me out to get these Quest #3's  pictures. Thanks for reading and enjoy this awesome royal party! :D


  1. Je45rry, you can have some images from the quest 1,2 and 3! Just go to the club penguin swf! Whant the link? Here is:
    To change the room just change the number that is in front of the word party!