Thursday, May 5, 2011

What's new in May and June!

Hello penguins! Yesterday Billybob posted in the CP Community Blog some important sneak peeks of what is coming this Month, May, and next one, June. The sneak peeks that he gives us are images, incompleted images, but I think we can easily know what they mean. The images show an uncoming event, taht could take place this Month or next one, as the title of the post says. Before I start with my ideas, I recommend you to read my "Upcoming Events: May!" post, in which I explain  possible upcoming events in Club Penguin, adding extra information. Also, this is almost like the second part of that post, because it's almost the same thing and it's related very much. As you may know, strange things have been happening lately in the Island, and some of them have kinda relations with EPF's enemy, Herbert; and new enemy Probot. But it seems that something special is going on, because according to the EPF messages we have been receiving, Herbert helped us to avoid Trees destruction last Earth Day's Party. The reason? I certainly don't know. Or Herbert helped us because he is going friendly, or he helped us because he wanted trees in the Island ( which is more logic, because Herbert needs trees for protection and oxygen ) Thanks, Herbert! :) Well, turning back to the upcoming events, here is the Image Billybob gave us:

Hmmm, interesting.. well, according to the Image order, the first Image ( the biggest one ) seems to be white fur and a dark - blue nose. Interesting, don't you think? But EPF agents already know who is: Herbert P. Bear, Esquire! If Herbert appears in this image, it means that something related with him and EPF Organization will happen very soon! It could be the "Big EPF" Launch! ( I talk about that in the "Upcoming Events: May!" post ) I am really excited, I think that something new will take place soon, like a new Mission, special Field Ops or something more relevant! Now, Image #2 seems to be an electronic Piano and a penguin. It seems to be related with Music, and new clothes. It could be Music Jam Part 2011! If this is true, I can't wait to see it, because last year's party it had new stages, new places and many funny other things! Now let's go to the last image, Image #3. It seems to be a penguin - knight. It may be the New Medieval Quest, at the Medieval Party 2011; which launch is announced in most recent Club Penguin Times' Newspaper. Since 2009 Club Penguin have been releasing 1 quest per Medieval Party, and this year's Medieval quest will be the Third one! I can't wait to see how it is! So, here are my suggestions for these 3 images:

- Image #1: Big EPF Launch! ( or something like that )
- Image #2: Music Jam Party 2011!
- Image #3: New Quest at Medieval Party 2011!

Awesome, right? What do you think about this? Are you excited for these events? Or what do you think will be the most funny event? I think it will be the Medieval Party! In other news, "Someone Else" Part 4 will be released soon. I am sorry to do not post it these last days, but don't worry, it will be posted soon. What do you think about this new CPI Story? Please feel free to send me your opinions in a comment. Any doubt, question or things like that, you can send me a comment OR an email to :)

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