Sunday, June 10, 2012

+ Information: MARVEL's Superhero Takeover!

NOTE: The video that is located in this post will play immediatly when you enter this page. Sorry about that.

Hello everyone! I'm quite sure that you already know about Club Penguin's upcoming party, Marvel's Superhero Takeover. In this post I will talk about its benefits and some of its negative sides; plus I will bring you some sneak peeks of the party. To start, I think everyone have already seen a MARVEL movie. If you didn't knew, MARVEL is a company that makes Superheroes based in comics ( those comics where made some decades ago by the same company ) They make Action figures, comics, movies and more products. Also, if you didn't knew, Marvel was bought by Disney several months ago, which should explain why Club Penguin ( bought by Disney too since 2009 ) is making a party about this. This is the first time Club Penguin makes an entire party to promote something; in this case they are advertising Marvel and its products. Well, according to the Newspaper, this party will start in June 14, which is next Thursday. In this party, we will be able to choose a side: good or evil. If we choose good ( which I hope almost everyone will ) we can dress up of our favorite Marvel Superheroes, such as Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow and Hulk. If we choose evil ( which I hope not ) we would be able to dress up as Marvel's Super Villains, like Loki, Venom, and more. Also, Club Penguin made a special web page of this party. To visit it, click here. ( Update: Club Penguin hasn't fixed a bug that doesn't lets you enter to this page, I'm sorry ) In that page you will be able to see each of the Superheroes and Supervillain's costumes that will be available during the party. There is also a special video. Here it is in case you haven't seen it already:

Well, I have to admit that this video can be quite disturbing for some kids. And did you hear what the voice said at the end? "Parent permission required" This means that CP is not quite safe for little kids anymore, because this party could be quite violent. If you didn't knew, the reason of all this is because of a Meteor that landed in the Dock. Yes, the same pink - purple meteor we could see through the Telescope of the Lighthouse during the Medieval Party. But, why is this Meteor so important? Well, according to an EPF Message, it restored Probot's energy, and it seems it will try to destroy Club Penguin in the party... or I mean war? :/ Nowadays, another feature of this upcoming event is that Club Penguin will be completely transformed into a "real life city" just like the ones in the Movies. We will be able to dress up like a Hero, a Supervillain, or a Citizen ( normal people, police and criminals ) But please listen to me when I say that being bad is NOT good. So if you are going to choose the evil side during the party, please make sure you won't choose the same thing when you grow up. But besides all the promotion, fight and other things, it seems that this party will be awesome, specially for MARVEL fans. As said in the video, penguins will need to have Membership to access some special features of the party, such as buying the characters costumes and fighting the Giant robot. Oh, I didn't told you that? Probot has made a giant robot and it will use it to destroy Club Penguin with help of the Supervillains ( that's when Heroes show up )

Up here is a picture of all the Marvel Superhero and Supervillain costumes that will be available in the Party. If you noticed, I classified the costumes according to its side: Heroes are in the left side, villains are in the right side. And fortunately, there are plenty more heroes than villains. Its good to see that Club Penguin hopes that most of the kids will choose to be good instead of bad! Here are some facts of the party that you should know: 
  • Probot has been trying to gather Supervillains in order to help it destroy the Island, but... this means that Herbert P. Bear will be also in the Party?
  • Black Widow and Ms. Marvel are the only Women characters. 
  • It's supposed that Heroes and Villains will have special abilites during the party, so maybe they can change the environment of the room they're in.
  • Sadly, this is the first promotion in Club Penguin History.
  • If there's a special prize for saving the Island, only heroes would receive it.
Before ending this post, I would like to say something. For the people that are new at Club Penguin, this party and all these stuff would seem really awesome to them; but for the people that have been playing in CP for a long time ( like me, I started playing CP in 2009 ) this would seem quite cool, but strange. Club Penguin has been changing a lot since this year, and, in my opinion, Club Penguin is losing its peaceful, friendly and amateur environment. The parties are great, I admit it, but I kinda miss the old CP. Besides, if CP starts promoting other things ( like Disney's TV programs, movies, products and more ) I would feel really bad... Disney, please don't continue advertising your products in Club Penguin; you have plenty of more places where to do that. I only hope this party is not too violent, and that we will realy enjoy this party. Who are you going to suit up as? Are you going to be a Superhero or a Supervillain? Send your opinion in a comment! Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

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