Saturday, May 19, 2012

Medieval Party 2012 Walkthrough!

Hello everyone! Guess what? Yesterday, Club Penguin launched the Medieval Party 2012! Yeah! It's finally here, and now we are able to explore brand - new rooms all around the Island. As I said on a post before, the Medieval Party has a fourth challenge. But it isn't a Medieval Quest: it's located at a dark mountain- it's Scorn, the Dragon King! Members can now defeat Scorn, a very ancient dragon that lives nearby the Ski Hill. But there are really many other features in this party: we will talk about all of them in this post. To begin, I would like to say something really important: during this party, Gary the Gadget Guy will be visiting the Island, so keep an eye on the servers! You can get he's new Background for free once you meet him. Also, there is a new item in the special Market Catalog: the Thunder Sword! if you are a member, you can collect 3 items in order to enter Scorn's Mountain. Once you are in there, you will battle with the Dragon King, Scorn. If you win, a secret room will be revealed and you will receive some coins as reward. If you need more help doing this, here my the entire Walkthrough for completing this challenge:

3 Items - 2 Warriors - 1 Land
Medieval Quest

This challenge is quite difficult for those who are new at Club Penguin and for those who haven't completed any of the 3 Medieval Quests that are located underground. To begin, click in the paper roll that is located at the right - up side of your screen. There you will see 3 blank spaces and a medieval - style map of Club Penguin. Now, you will have to recollect 3 items: the Fairy Branch, Spheres of Starlight, and Cursed Stones. You will find all of these items in 3 different places of the Island: The Dock, the Beach and the Ski Village. I recommend you to travel through the Island in that order, so it's easier for you to find all 3 items. As you walk, you will notice something: there are Flags everywhere, many of them have Scorn's face on them. This means that you are heading right to its liar. And don't worry, we are heading right there. Once you find all three items, you will ask you: why do we need all these random things? Well, you will discover that further: you will use it to defeat the Dragon King. Also, you will notice that there have been many changes in the rooms than the last year. For example, in the Dock, penguins are smaller ( but if you click on an emoticon, it will appear as its normal size ) In the Beach, there is like a giant laboratory. But there is a place that calls my attention the most: the Ski Village.

Why? Well, maybe because it seems so abandoned. In the Medieval Party legend, it says that the entire Island was conquered by Scorn, the Dragon King, but it seems that the only place devastated was the Ski Village. It is really different from the other rooms, as you can see, and it is kinda mysterious... There are statues of penguins, and curiously, they seem very real and they look like if they are trying to protect theirselves from something. Also, the background seems to be made of crystal, don't you think? Well, here you can find the last item you need to recolect. When you get it, climb the stairs to the Ski Hill. Once you are in the top of it, you can see that there seems to be a pool made of lava! You can get a Free Item there. And when you are ready ( and if you are a member ) you can enter the Brown door  that is located at the right - up side of the screen and prepare to defeat Scorn. First, you will have to pass through a very dangerous bridge ( you can get another free item in here ) and once you pass it, you will fight.

Before, Now, and After 
The Dragon King

Though it seems difficult, it's quite easy to defeat the Dragon King. Your weapon against Scorn is made of the 3 items you already recollected, that throws the cursed rocks ( with the fairy branch ) at the Spheres of Starlight; in order to harm the dragon king. You won't have to click to shoot the rocks, you just need to aim at the Spheres that appear in the Screen. Can you see Scorn's healthy meter at the upper side of it? You can reduce it by destroying the spheres, but you can gain more points by shooting more than 1 sphere at a time. As time passes, more and more spheres will appear, but Scorn will start threating you: it will began to break the cliff you're in. If you don't destroy Scorn soon, it will finish you by breaking all the cliff and you'll fall. That's why you need to destroy the spheres fast. If you win, you will get coins as prize. But that's not everything: the Sky Kingdom will appear and you will be able to visit it. In there, you can find a free item. You will need it to enter the castle ( it's not a different room, you will only clim upstairs to the balcony ) But there is a secret: there are 5 color gems above the balcony, and there are 5 color gems in different parts of the room of the same colors. For each penguin that climbs to the balcony, a color gem will be unlocked, and a secret feature in the room will be revealed. When there are more than 5 penguins in the balcony, the room will be completely changed, and it will look awesome.

If you didn't knew, you won't need to cross all the mountain to enter the Air Kingdom again once you log off. The only thing you need to do is to wear the free item you used to enter the Castle, and stand in the end of some yellow stairs at the Town ( at the left - down side of the screen ) The tree will grow and you will be able to climb on it. But remember, you will only be able to do this if you wear the free item. If not, the tree won't grow. Also, you can help other penguins ( even nonmembers ) to enter the Air Kingdom by standing there ( using the item ) while they climb. In my opinion, this is a really good and awesome party. I think it's the best Medieval Party Club Penguin has ever had! Don't forget to visit the "Medieval Quests #1, #2 and #3" underground. The Medieval Quest #1 is now available for everyone. Click here to see the Walkthrough to pass the Medieval Quest #3! And finally, here is a list of the rooms I recommend you to visit the most:

- Town
- Lighthouse
- Ski Village
- Ski Hill ( Free Item & Field Ops )
- Mine Cave ( Medieval Quests #1, #2 and #3 )
- Air Kingdom
- Scorn's Liar
- Stage ( New Play! )
- Boiler Room ( Pin )

But before ending this post, I would like to announce something. As many of you have already heard, Club Penguin is already organizing its first Superhero Party ever next month, in June. But it isn't any Superhero Party... it is MARVEL's Takeover Superhero party!!! Yeah! Everyone is so excited for this party! If you didn't knew, MARVEL ( a company that creates fictional Superheroes ) was bought by Disney some months ago, so that's why maybe Club Penguin is launching this party. There will be costumes of our favorite superheroes like Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, and more! But there are rumors that there will also be Villain's costumes, like Loki, Hydra, etc. I think the Island will be transformed into a type of city, and we will be able to save or destroy it ( I prefer to save it XD ) I am really interested in this party. What about you? Do you like MARVEL? Are you excited for this party? Please feel free to drop a comment with your opinions below! I will be really glad to answer you back. Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

UPDATE: The Curse has been broken! Club Penguin will be completely back to normal in May 29.


  1. The medival party was AWSOME
    to bad i wasnt a member....
    But i saw the sky kingdom!
    but im not a member.....

  2. Yeah, it was awesome! It's nice to know that you where able to see the Sky Kingdom as non-member. I think that was the best Medieval Party CP has ever had. Thanks for your comment! :)