Thursday, May 3, 2012

CP Cartoon #2: Puffle Trouble!

Hello everyone! As you may know, Club Penguin released some days ago some sneak - peek pictures about their Second Animated Short. Can you remember the first one? It was about 4 ninjas that, as a team, helped Sensei when he was sleeping ( or kinda, you know... ) If you haven't seen this Short, click here to watch it and know more about it. Its name was "Never wake a Sleeping Sensei" Well, some hours ago, Club Penguin released their second cartoon. Its name is: "Puffle Trouble", and it is a story about how Puffles ruins Herbert Plans. Here is what Happy77 says about it: Looks like Herbert P. Bear has come up with a new scheme to stop penguin parties again! Do you think he'll succeed? What do you think will happen next? As a bonus for watching our latest animated short, here's a code to unlock a special agent item online! Go to the "Unlock Items Online" page and enter the code EPFAGENT. Now it's up to you to keep the island safe from that menacing polar bear! It sounds really interesting, right? I wonder why Herbert is always trying to ruin Club Penguin's Parties... why doesn't he justs plays and has fun with us? Well, I think it's because he just wants to rest ;) Here is the video: ( you can enlarge it to full screen if you want )

Really funny, right? I think this is a great video, I had never seen so many puffles before... I really liked the video's music, it was fun. It seems that Herbert had finally finished his latest invention, and that he was planning to put it ( it seems it was a type of bomb ) somewhere at the Island; until those puffles came and ruined his plans! I laughed when I saw Klutzy dancing by the button's sound, but I laughed even more when I everyone started to dance even after the bomb exploded! And if you didn't noticed, there is a Purple Puffle with a special hat in it at the video. I think it's a Sneak Peek... And if you didn't noticed, this video was the complete version of the "Puffle Dubstep" video Club Penguin launched some weeks ago. Once you finish watching the video you can unlock the special free item by using the code "EPFAGENT". You will get an EPF Hat similar to the one we got at the last Mountain Expedition, but it's green. What do you think of this cartoon? I started reading its comments ( at Club Penguin's Community Blog ) and it seems that everyone likes it! Here are some things penguins all around the world says about the video:
  • Whoa! First time ever hearing Herberts voice. Do you think you would want him to sing you a lullaby at night?! - Larry2538
  • I have been waiting 50% of my life for Club Penguin to add voices to their videos, so creative. Ever since my best friend 4 years ago showed me Club Penguin, I always wanted for you guys to add actual voices and cool music, and your welcome for me to send that letter about adding voices LOL. - Guenevere205!
  • There should be TOTALLY A Club Penguin Cartoon!- Audry1000
  • Not only do we hear Herbert's voice, but we also get to hear what the puffles actually sound like! SWEET! - Bluesaphire4
  • That video of herbert made me laugh so much!! I was cracking up when the puffle kissed herbert it was so funny! Herbert won't succeed because he's smart but his arrogance gets in the way of him succeeding. - Purplekania9
It seems that Club Penguin will continue making this awesome cartoons! What's your opinion about all this? What things would you like to see in these cartoons in the future? Please send a comment with your opinion and I will be glad to add it up here. Thanks for reading, and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

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