Friday, June 29, 2012

July 2012 Party Sneak Peek!

Hello everyone! Yesterday Happy77 posted something about next month's party: the Music Jam! As you may know, each year Club Penguin makes a special party focused in Music, named "Music Jam" In the party, the rooms are turned into performing stages, there are concerts everywhere, there is awesome music, Cadence appears in the Island, and there are member - only rooms named "Casa Fiesta" ( it's in spanish ) and the Rooftop. But this year, Club Penguin is going to change this party in a very different way. To start, they are changing the party's name from "Music Jam" to "Make your Mark: Ultimate Jam". Also, they are adding 2 new CP mascots to Club Penguin: Rocky and CeCe, the main characters of Disney Channel's "Shake it Up" comedy series. That's right: more advertising, as we all predicted. And with "we" I mean some CP Bloggers and more people :/ I mean, it was quite logic that Club Penguin was planning to advertise more of Disney's Products. Thought the rooms seem to be renovated, there are many penguins upset with this new situation. Here is what Happy77 says about the party:  Happy77 here. There have been a lot of questions about what we've got in store for July. So I wanted to share a sneak peek of the party coming next month... Starting July 19, we're going to throw the biggest music and dance party you've ever seen! Club Penguin's annual Music Jam will be transformed into the "Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam". It's going to be epic! And yes, there will be some special guest appearances at the party... Rocky and CeCe penguin personalities inspired by Disney Channel's hit series Shake It Up will be visiting the island! Of course, the island's resident dancer Cadence will also be there to show off her moves, too!

The Town ( in the first picture ) seems quite awesome, don't you think? It looks like a real - life city street and fortunately, a happy one. I think this party will be way better than the MARVEL party, but I still don't agree with the advertising stuff... As you already read, Happy77 has confirmed the participation of Rocky and CeCe during the party; but, what happens with Cadence and the Penguin Band? I guess that they will also appear in the party, but there's something that calls my attention: in the picture, Cadence appears with a microphone. Does that means that Cadence now dances AND sings? Well, if that's true, it would be something interesting to see... Maybe Club Penguin will add another special member - only room in this party, and I hope that they will also be adding more stuff for non-member penguins. Do you like Disney's "Shake it Up"? Are you excited for this party? Or not? To be sincere, I don't like the idea of Rocky and CeCe visiting the Island... more promotion :/ But well, there are many different opinions about all this; so if you really like this advertising parties, it's ok. Before ending this post, I would like to say something: I know that some of you already know about my Petition "Club Penguin: Stop Advertising" idea. I also know that there is a very small chance that it will work, but I'm trying.

But now that I think a little more about this, I see that it isn't very important. I mean, life is awesome, and we don't have to focus it in an online game. Instead of getting angry and full of hate, we should do something else, something different. You know, the World is a very BIG place, full of happiness and cool things to discover. We should read a book, go outside for a walk, be active, hangout with friends, play in family, etc. :) I know that many of you ( including me ) already do that and I'm very glad for that. I hope everyone will stay happy, no matter what. So thanks for reading, enjoy life, and see you later in Club Penguin Island!


  1. Good ideas & key points. Perhaps Saraapril should take a turn at reading your post rather than screaming at the world her opinon about the Marvel Party.

    I really do think that CP shouldn't do so many advertising parties. I think they should do more genuinue (I think I spelled that wrong :P) ones. I really like the idea Saraapril leaked about the camp-looking party.
    Or the Adventure Party. As for the advertising, I'm guessing Disney made, well, asked, CP to do two this year and they just decided to do that to get over with it. If it becomes normal, I'm gunna scream.

    All I had to say :3 - Sorry for my ranting
    Best Fishes,

  2. Hello and thanks for your comment, Dreammae989! I think we all have the right to make opinions about something we like or dislike. I'm really glad that you're telling me YOUR opinion about all this, specially because I don't have many comments lately. Thanks again! :D