Thursday, October 11, 2012

Some Words for the Third Anniversary!

Hello! Last Sunday, ( October 7 ) this blog reached its 3rd Anniversary. I'm so sorry I couldn't post this on that same day, but I was really busy! And yes, what you are reading is correct: this blog already turned 3 years old. So today, I have decided to make this post saying some things about that. If you didn't knew, I began playing Club Penguin since 2009... Yes, that time in which the PSA ( Penguin Secret Agency ) still existed, when we had the old Newspaper, when Club Penguin wasn't so famous as it is today... and many, many other stuff. The thing here is that Club Penguin has changed too much since I started playing it. I still remember the old Secret - Agent Cellphone, the first Field - Op that ever existed, and when the Volcano went active. I feel like all these 3 years happened so fast! Did you knew that this blog's original name was "Je45rry"? One year later, I changed that name to "Club Penguin Info" ( as it still remains ) My first follower was a penguin named Loulou11207, that also had a blog like mine. Later then, I met him during an Adventure Party, in which Loulou introduced me to another penguin - blogger named Dark Falkner. They turned out to be some of my best friends in Club Penguin, just like Davidhopper2, Rosie7721, Flipper14354, Jasfriend1, JT, Pips4lucy, Chuckyb1, Sevalbar, Monstercjr and Caytlyn999 :D

All of them where the ones who inspired me to keep blogging even more. I played with them in CP frequently, but the ones I spent more time with where Loulou11207 and Dark Falkner. We where always planning parties, talking about Club Penguin Stuff, having fun, and things like that... But when my blog reached its Second Anniversary, most of my friends had already left Club Penguin - blogging. Due to that, I became quite lonely in Club Penguin. I began to feel that I had to quit too, but I couldn't. I mean, I didn't wanted to quit. I wanted to stay in Club Penguin, to keep blogging, and then see what would happen next. Months passed, and I started noticing how Club Penguin started to improve. But at the same time, I was becoming really busy with school and personal life, so my post - frequency began to slow down. One clear example of that is that, in 2010, I made 283 posts in this blog. But in 2011, I only created 108. And in this year, I have only made 22 by far! ( 23 counting this one ) So yes, I feel quite sad about that... But the good thing is that I'm still here and that I enjoy working in this blog because it makes me feel really nice.

One of the things I like the most about posting and playing Club Penguin is that it improves my English language. That's right: English is not my first language, so I don't live in the USA, nor Canada. ( I believe you are trying to guess where I live right now, haha XD ) I have worked in 3 blogs during the last 3 years: MegaCPStorm ( owned by my friend JT ) Club Penguin Zoom ( owned by my friend Flipper14354 ) and Club Penguin Watchers ( that its actually owned by my friend Chuckyb13 ) And if you didn't knew, all the posts that this blog contains right now have been made by me...  I perfectly know that many people think that Club Penguin is just a website ( because that's what it is ) but, to me, it is also a little part of my life. I don't want people to think that I'm focusing my life only in Club Penguin, because I'm not. I am a very optimistic person that enjoys life in every aspect, and I hope you are that way too.

Remember not to focus your life in the computer, and to spend time with your family and friends as much as possible, like me. Thanks to all my old friends that are now kept in my memories: I will never forget the moments we spent in Club Penguin and in our blogs. Thanks to my entire family that is always with me everytime I need help, and that made this blog possible. And thanks to you for visiting this blog, it means too much for me. Thanks again, and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D



  1. Look at my blog! I haven't posted since August and now I am posting again! :)

    This is an amazing post you wrote by the way!!!!

  2. It's awesome to hear news about you again, Woddylan! I will be visiting your blog often, and thanks for your comment!

  3. Happy anniversary, Je45rry! This is a really awesome blog, and you are an awesome blogger! Thank you for all of your really nice comments on my blog. I really, really appreciate it! :) Again, you're doing an amazing job and happy 3rd anniversary! :D

  4. Thanks for your kind words, Ppppookie! I am really glad to hear that. You are also a very good blogger and you have an awesome website :) Thanks for visiting my blog!