Sunday, November 28, 2010

Photos ( Part 6 )

- I have to talk with him -
- But, you don´t know where he lives, Jerry. And, what if that man is still outside? -
- It doesn´t matters. What we have to do is talk with the school´s cleaner -
- Why? - asked Ricky
- It´s obvious he found more than what he told you, Ricky -
- But, where can we find him? -
- I don´t know... - I said, sad. - but we can try to find him -
- Where is the first place you want to search? -
- Maybe he can be in the School... -
- That´s impossible. The police made sure that no one was there before they closed it -
I thought a little seconds and then I said:
- Ricky, if you find a person dead in the School´s Hallway, where could you go? -
- Umm, to the police office. -
- Yes, the school cleaner ( Henry ) was still in the School when the police arrived there, so he should call them by telephone. -
- Right -
- So, it´s obvious that the police thinks that Henry could kill Mr. Carl -
- Yes, maybe... -
- And - I said, - what is the place where the police takes the people to interrogate them? -
- The Police Office? -
- Yes! -
- So we have to go to the Police Office to search Henry? -
- Yes, let´s go -
We got out of the shop, caring not to find again the man. When we arrived to the Police Office we entered it. A police officer was standing there.
- What do you want, guys? - he asked, serious
Ricky turned his head to the police officer and said:
- Hi Fred! - he said, smiling
The police officer soon smiled and he began to laugh.
- Hi, Ricky! How are you? And who is your friend? -
- Umm, wait a minute - I said - Ricky, do you know him? -
- Of course! He´s my father! - said Ricky, laughing. - Don´t you remember? I told you! -
I was confused, but then I said:
- Umm, ok - I said
- He´s Jerry, dad. I´m working with him in a Science´s class project - said Ricky
- Nice to meet your, Jerry -said Ricky´s dad - and, why are you here, guys? -
- Umm, we are searching Henry, our school´s cleaner. We have to make him some questions... -
- Henry? The school´s cleaner of your School? The one that found Mr. Carl, dead? -
- Yes, him - said Ricky
- He´s there, sitting in a chair -
- Ok, thanks - I said
When we where just in front of Henry, I said:
- Hi -
Henry turned his head to us.
- Hi - he said
- Henry, we have to ask you some questions... -
- Like what? - he asked
- When you found Mr. Carl, do you found something else? -
- Yes - said Henry, shaking and with a strange face that feared Ricky and I
Then, I noticed that the lights where shutting out.
- What did you found?  -
- A photo -
Ricky and I where surprised, and terrorized at the same time. Then Ricky toked something out of his pocket and showed it to Henry.
- A photo, like this one? -
He showed him the photo of Mr. Carl in the hallway.
- Yes - he said
I was horrorized.
- Yes, yes, yes - we heard that Henry repeated
- Ok, thanks - Ricky said, with fear
When we turned around, we saw Ricky´s dad standing just in front of us.
- Where did you found that? - he asked, shaking
- Umm, one police accidentally dropped it in the School´s Parking lot - I said
Ricky´s dad saw us with a strange face, and then he said:
- Follow me -
- Follow me -
We followed him to a kind of basement. It was filled of file lockers. Then Ricky´s dad said:
- Many people have sent many photos like that one here, to the Police Office. Every one of them says that they found the photo just in one side of someone dead, with the face disfigured and smiling. It´s really strange that when the police goes to investigate, results that the same person that is dead is the same person that appears in the photo. -
He opened one of the lockers and showed us some files. We where terrorized.
In each one of the photos appeared on person, screaming like protecting their selves from something. And all of them had the same detail.
All had those blurry things at the sides.                                                                                                        Made by Je45rry
( Part 7 coming soon )

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