Wednesday, November 10, 2010

EPF Update!

Hello penguins! Sorry about not posting in the last days, I was very busy. Billybob has posted something in his Blog respect the new Class: the Comm one! This is a NEW class that is full of new cool gear that creates and awesome movement when you have them all. This is what Billybob said:

Elite Agents - today I've got an update for you.
This week, a new EPF 'class' is being launched. What's a class? It's a special kind of job that an agent can unlock. Remember - you can trade in badges for Elite Gear in your phone. 
The Tactical Class was introduced in August, and the new one is called the Comm Class.
The team has some big plans for these classes. The details are top secret, but I will say there's a LOT of important events coming up. Including hints to the location of a certain polar bear... 
So what do you think is in store? Let us know in the comments, and keep watch for anything unusual.

The location of a certain polar bear? Herbert? So this means that we will soon locate Herbert? Awesome! Thanks and see you later!

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