Friday, November 19, 2010

Numbers ( Final Part! )

- 7.15 -
- What?!? - I said with panic - 7.15?!? -
- Yeah! If 7.36 means an hour, we don´t have time to loose, we have to do something! -
In that moment, we saw something weird. The plane´s windows began shaking slowly.
Jasper saw me confused. Then he said to me:
- What´s happening, Jerry? -
The windows where shaking each time more intensive. Then we felt something even more weird in our feet. Like if the ground was moving.
- What´s that!?... -
Jasper couldn´t finish. Something strong seemed to push us apart. All the people that where there felled to the floor like Jasper and I.
- Earthquake!!! - I heard that someone screamed.
Then the movement stopped. Everything seemed normal again. Well, except for Jasper and I.
- We have to do something now, Jasper. It´s obvious that they are planning to do something bad! - Jasper said
- What we have to do? - I answered him
- Let´s go to search unusual things in the city, ok? -
- Ok, but we have to hurry -
We immediately called for a Taxi. Then we began to search in the city. We where just to give up when I saw something at one of  Madrid´s plazas.
- Stop! - I said to the taxi driver - stop here! -
He stopped at the plaza. It seemed old and abandoned.
- Why do you want to stop here? It´s just an old and lonely plaza. - Jasper said to me
When I saw the fountain that was there, I said to Jasper:
- I don´t think so -
- What are you talking about? -
- Just see -
It was 7.35 P.M. Only one minute was left.
- They are not from this city - I said
28, 27, 26, 25,...
- They are not from this country... -
24, 23, 22, 21...    
- They are not from this nation... -
20, 19, 18, 17...
- They are not from this continent... -
16, 15, 14, 13...
- They are not from this planet... -
12, 11, 10, 9...
- They are not from this galaxy... -
8, 7, 6, 5...
- They are not from this world -
- What are you talking about, Jerry?!? I don´t understand anything! -
4, 3 ...
I turned my head to Jasper and I said:
- Just see -           
2, 1...
Just in that moment, the fountain exploded, like if it was releasing a light that I had never seen. Then, we saw all those black men being absorbed to that light. It was something horrible and loudly. But the light began to disappear and then all stopped.
All became silent.
- What happened?!? - Jasper said - what are you talking about, Jerry? Please tell me! -
- Jasper, I also didn´t know who where those men and where they came from, until I saw that fountain -
- What? -
- When I was kid, my dad told me that we where not alone in this universe. He told me that there lived other things, and that they discovered us. -
- How? - Jasper said, even more confused
- They realized experiments. They created their own spaceships. When they finally organized an expedition that would be out of their galaxy, they founded our planet. The notice was spread in both planets, in both worlds. They soon reclaimed our help so they could go forward in their inventions. - I made a pause - We agreed allowing them to visit our planet each time that they want to know more about our technology. -
- What happened? - Jasper asked me
- Our advanced experiments soon transtorned them, making them aggressive. They began to attack us -
- What?!? -
- Our government soon decided to stop those permissions that we gave them. We established that their visits would stop forever on any day, at 7.36 P.M. -
- So that made you remember, right? But what about the fountain? -
- The first portal we created for them was here, at this plaza, in this fountain -
- I understand, so, the day when they had to stop "visiting" us forever was today? -
- Yes -
- Ok, well, I am glad that all this has finished -
- Yes, me too - I said to Jasper with a smile
- Only one more question, Jerry -
- What? - I said
- What´s the name of those people? -
I taked a breath and said to Jasper:
- Humans -
This story was written by Je45rry. So, don´t copy!                            19 - 11 - 10

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