Friday, November 19, 2010

Photos ( Part 1 )

Hello everybody and welcome to this new story named "Photos"! This story is inspired by a dream I have a couple of days ago. This story is a suspense and terror story. I assure you that you will really like it! I wrote ( created ) this story, so DON´T COPY! If you copy, I will know! Enjoy!


Indianapolis, USA. November 19, 1995

Mr. Charlie was walking down the street, going to the subway. He was late, and the last thing he wanted was to receive another report from his job. When he arrived to the subway´s station, he saw a shadow in the wall, but he completely forgot  it when the subway arrived to the station. He entered the subway, and it began its way.
When it was just half of the way, Mr. Charlie noticed that the subway´s lights where shutting down.
- Weird... - he thought
But when he saw his cellphone, he noticed that it was also failing.
- What happ...? -
In that moment, the subway turned off. It immediately stopped, and because it was to a big velocity, all the passengers felled to the floor. But Mr. Charlie felt down with so intensity that he became unconscious.
Ambulances soon arrived to the station that was nearer to the subway, and the paramedics started to help the people. All the paramedics where confused because, rarely, Mr. Charlie seemed to be the only person that suffered an injury. They soon taked him to the hospital, and, in the way, he waked up.
- You don´t have to worry about anything, Mr. Charlie. You will be ok really soon - said Dr. Dan.
- Yeah, I think you are right... - said Mr. Charlie
- I am happy to hear you say that. Now, I have to attend other person. I will be back in an hour. Goodbye -
Dr. Dan leaved the room, and Mr. Charlie became alone.
Or that was what he thought.
He noticed that the water on his glass began shaking. Then, he saw that the lights where shutting down, just like in the subway. Then he saw that the door was opening.
- Who´s there? - he asked, shaking
A man completely white, like if it was frozen, with black, old and dirty clothes, entered the room. But he had something else.
A camera.
- Who... who are you?!? - asked Mr. Charlie terrorized.
The man didn´t respond. Instead, it looked Mr. Charlie with an horrible face, and then he said:
- Smile to the camera -
And he pressed the button.
An horrible scream was heared on all the hospital. Dr. Dan was the first to react.
- Dr. Susan, come with me! - said Dr. Dan
They run through the stairs as fast as they could
- It seemed to come from Mr. Charlie´s room! - Dr. Dan said
When they arrived to Mr. Charlie´s room, the door couldn´t open.
- It is locked! -
Dr. Dan began searching in his keys.
- Mr. Charlie! Are you okay? Mr. Charlie! - Dr. Susan shouted
- Here is the key! - Dr. Dan said
But when they opened the door, they couldn´t believe what they where seeing.
Dr. Susan screamed, full of horror.
There, in the bed, Mr. Charlie was dead, with the face completely disfigured. But with another horrible detail.
He seemed to be smiling.
- What happened here, Dr. Dan?!? - Dr. Susan said with panic.
Dr. Dan didn´t respond.
Then, Dr. Susan said, shaking:
- Dr. Dan.... -
She was pointing with her hand to something that was lying in the floor near Mr. Charlie.
Dr. Dan began walking to it, slowly. When he finally was there, he tooked it from the floor.
- What is it? - Dr. Susan said
- A photo - said Dr. Dan, now shaking
- Let me see -
When Dr. Susan saw the photo, she couldn´t move.
The photo had blurry things at the sides. But that wasn´t what caused Mr. Dan and Mr. Susan panic.
In the center of the photo was Mr. Charlie, screaming, like if he was trying to protect himself from something.
                                                                                                                      Made by Je45rry
( Part 2 coming soon )

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